Can’t stop, won’t stop! Ariana Grande is a hit-making machine these days. Despite dropping a full album, Sweetener, earlier this year, she’s since come out with the massive hit “thank u, next” (which came equipped with a mind-blowing music video), and now another is on the way! On Dec. 11, Ari revealed that we’re just two days away from hearing her new song, “Imagine.”

Fans were shocked when Ari took to Twitter with a mysterious post, featuring the characters, “想像” and a black heart emoji. It took mere seconds for fans to run the tweet through Google Translate, and to figure out that it means “Imagine” in Chinese. To confirm their suspicions, Ari responded with the date that she would premiere the song… and it’s so soon!

“‘Imagine Thursday night,” she wrote simply. Fans went nuts at how soon Ari decided to come out with a new song, especially since she’s still breaking records with “thank u, next.” “Wtf I still am in the hospital from tun,” said one passionate supporter. Even YouTuber James Charles was hype, writing, “you won’t let us breathe omg.”

Speaking of breathing, fans first learned about the single while watching Ari’s video for “Breathin’,” which features an Easter Egg revealing the names of upcoming songs. On a train schedule in the background of the video, the words “Needy,” “Remember,” and “Imagine” show up for a split second. Fans spotted it immediately and figured they were an upcoming track list. No word on when “Needy” or “Remember” could be coming, but at least we have “Imagine” to look forward to for now!