‘Real Housewives of New Jersey’ Star Caroline Manzo Has Changed a Lot: See Then and Now Photos

She may not be on The Real Housewives of New Jersey anymore, but Caroline Manzo is still sharing her Bravo hot takes!

The former reality star made headlines in May 2022 when she revealed her plan to possibly return to the franchise that made her.

“I’m just gonna put it out there, because I just don’t give a f–k, alright?” she shared on an episode of her son Albie Manzo‘s “Dear Albie” podcast, referring to her longtime feud with former costar Teresa Giudice. “You know what? I would get great pleasure, fans, community, to go in and just knock the s–t out of her verbally and just put her in her place.”

Caroline continued, “I am tired. I am tired of certain things. I am tired of her opening her very uneducated mouth, OK, and using me as a weapon to say that I was the one that spearheaded her IRS claim and stuff like that. We are not those people.”

The Let Me Tell You Something author appeared as an original RHONJ for five seasons before saying goodbye to the series in 2014. Throughout her time on the series, Caroline and her sister-in-law Jacqueline Laurita — who also left the franchise — butted heads with Teresa. However, neither of them has made plans to return to the show. Caroline, for her part, claimed on the “Dear Albie” podcast that she hasn’t returned because “Bravo doesn’t wanna pay me.”

She continued, “So guess what, Bravo? You don’t get this for free. You don’t get the dame for free, Bravo. They are paying Teresa, I’m sure, an exorbitant amount of money.”

Following her RHONJ stint, Caroline continued to show off her family life on Bravo during the short-lived series Manzo’d with Children, featuring her kids Albie, Lauren and Christopher Manzo. The show lasted for three seasons on the network. Since then, she has been super active on social media.

In 2019, Caroline claimed on a separate “Dear Albie” episode that she was offered a role on RHONJ season 10 in a “friend of the housewives” position.

“It’s very insulting,” she said at the time. “It just makes me angry that you picked up and call me like I’m a fool. Ten years I’m playing this game, there’s no fool. You are talking to no fool. … I’m nobody’s ‘Friend.’ I’m not ‘Friend of.’ I’m not ‘Housewife, maybe.’ I’m Housewife!”

Scroll through our gallery to see Caroline’s transformation over the years. 

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