Moving on. My Big Fat Fabulous Life star Whitney Way Thore is “hurting” after her split from fiancé Chase Severino but is “looking forward to a positive future.”

“It’s difficult for strangers to have such strong opinions about something so personal, and even though so many people have been incredibly nice and sympathetic, it doesn’t really make the day to day much easier,” the North Carolina native, 36, explained to People in an interview published on June 3. 

My Big Fat Fabulous Life Star Whitney Way Thore With Short Hair Smiles in Tshirt
Courtesy Whitney Way Thore/Instagram

Whitney confirmed to the outlet Chase, 29, cheated on her with his ex after she announced their breakup on social media. “After experiencing a lot of ups and downs and still living apart, Chase reconnected with a woman with whom he has had a long history,” the activist’s original post read. “Chase recently told me this information and the fact that it had resulted in a pregnancy. Chase will be a father in October.” The dad-to-be took to his own page to say he is “very excited” about having a baby on the way and wants to keep the identity of the mother of his child private. 

Chase Severino and Whitney Thore Posing
Courtesy of Whitney Thore/Instagram

Whitney explained she publicly aired the details of their split because she “didn’t want it to look like [she] wasn’t aware of the full situation.” However, the TLC star acknowledged it’s been a “difficult thing to navigate.”

“Honestly, I would have rather not said it, just to avoid the inevitable backlash and gossip, but at the same time, people in their lives already knew of course and a baby isn’t something that can remain private in the future,” she said. “I truly just don’t want the drama and the gossip.”

Luckily, Whitney hasn’t been going through the heartbreak alone. Her longtime BFF Buddy Bell has been staying with her “for the last month.” Life & Style exclusively spoke with the author’s pal.

Courtesy of @thebuddybell/Instagram

Buddy divulged the breakup has been “tough” on Whitney, “but she’s also the toughest woman I know and I’m excited about what the future will bring for her.” 

They’ve been keeping things low-key and chill around the house. “There have been a lot of tears and talks but mostly we’re just kickin’ it. I’ve been cooking a lot and every night we watch a movie or a show,” Buddy added. “We’ve been laughing a lot.”

It’s great to see Whitney has a supportive friend by her side during the tough times.