Sparking drama! Bachelor contestant Marylynn Sienna received a lot of camera time during Matt James’ season because of her drama with fellow contestant “Queen” Victoria Larson. However, it’s hard to judge a person based on a reality show. Learn more about Marylynn, including how she responded to her feud with Victoria, below! 

Where Is Marylynn From?

The 28-year-old is born and bred in the Los Angeles-area of California, specifically Studio City. Like many West Coast gals, she “grew up surfing” and “loves Disneyland,” according to her ABC bio.

Who is Marylynn Sienna on 'Bachelor'? Has Drama With Victoria
ABC/Craig Sjodin

“The ocean, friendships and sunsets make up the perfect day,” she gushed via Instagram on December 23 and shared a photo of a gorgeous sunset over the water. 

What Is Marylynn’s Job?

Marylynn works as an event coordinator and “hopes to start a nonprofit that helps the environment reduce and eventually eradicate single-use plastic,” her bio reads. Considering Matt, 29, co-founded his own charity in New York City, ABC Food Tours, it sounds like they would be a great fit.

What Is She Looking for in a Man?

“Marylynn needs a man who is ready to commit and not afraid to wear his heart on his sleeves,” says her bio. “She wants a stable man who will love her unconditionally, someone who is loyal to the core and who would be a rock for her when life throws the inevitable curve ball their way.”

The Bachelor Nation babe hopes to be married with two or more rescue dogs within the next five years.

Will Drama Get the Best of Her?

The California native butted heads with Victoria for the first few weeks of season 25. The 27-year-old confronted Matt about the event coordinator and called her “rude” and “toxic” during the January 11 episode. Marylynn said Victoria was dealing with her “own insecurities” during a private interview. 

Fans overwhelmingly sided with Marylynn on social media based on the editing of the episode. After it aired, Victoria shared an unseen clip from the week 2 episode that alluded to the idea that Marylynn threw her bags outside their shared room, which led to the Los Angeles native saying she would “rather sleep on the couch.”

Queen Victoria Larson on Matt James Season
ABC/Craig Sjodin

On Tuesday, January 12, Marylynn encouraged followers to be “kind” after the drama-fueled episode.

“Let’s cut people some slack because, you know, the environment of the show is very stressful. And people have real emotions and real feelings when they’re put in that environment,” she wrote on her Instagram Story. “It’s better and it feels better to be kind. It’s the only way. And as Victoria had suggested, she and I are very different. And we just had different perspectives of the experience. And when, you know, you put two different personalities like that … there’s bound to be an altercation. It happened organically and naturally. I don’t think that there’s really, like, a side to it. I don’t think there’s anybody who’s right or wrong. I just want to make sure that people know I believe that she’s justified in feeling what she did.”

Time will tell what the future holds for Marylynn! If you can’t wait, see spoilers here.