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How to Follow Your Favorite Contestants From Bachelor Matt James’ Season — See Their Handles on Instagram!

Future influencers? Bachelor Matt James has some incredible and accomplished ladies this season — and others who aren’t afraid to bring the drama. Whether you want to learn more about your favorite contestant or see how the controversial ones respond to their bad behavior on season 25, we have you covered. 

The contestants are really able to shine since the entirety of the season is being filmed at one location — the Nemacolin Woodlands Resort in Pennsylvania — amid the coronavirus pandemic, meaning they get a lot more time to get to know each other without travel. ABC executive Robert Mills said the unexpected circumstances actually came with positive surprises.

“It’s led to some really interesting and creative things that wouldn’t have happened before,” the senior VP of series, specials and late-night told Variety in October 2020.

This included 32 contestants being introduced on night one, making it one of the biggest cast lists in Bachelor Nation history, plus a handful of extra women stepping in later. 

“We brought all these women out just in case any of them tested positive,” Rob explained. “You just never know, so we always have alternates. Maybe next time, we don’t have to bring in as many people.”

Of course, season 25 isn’t all about fairytale romances. Chris Harrison teased some ladies will really stir the pot. “Look, Matt James is a catch. So, when you have a prize like that, there’s gonna be drama,” the host told E! News on December 11. “These women are strong, independent, beautiful women. They are used to getting what they want, and they want what they want. So there’s going to be a lot of drama.”

One contestant who ruffled feathers early on was Victoria Larson, who crowned herself the “queen” of season 25. Even the ABC personality noted during a separate interview with Extra fans would be split about her strong personality.

“I think a lot of people were talking about the queen, Queen Victoria. Look, she’ll make her mark. Will people love her? We’ll see,” Chris teased. “And you know, she definitely gets embroiled in some royal controversy. There is one controversy in particular, and how it works into the show is stunning. It is shocking, it is bizarre.”

See all the Instagram handles and how to follow your favorite Bachelor contestants below!