Every First Impression Rose Winner on ‘The Bachelor’ — and How Likely They Are to Win the Season

Will you accept? The first impression rose on The Bachelor is usually seen as a huge indicator of which contestant will be the frontrunner for the season. On The Bachelorette, it’s even a pretty safe way to predict who will win. You may be surprised to learn that not one single first impression rose receiver on The Bachelor has gone on to get engaged during the finale. Maybe the ladies just have better judgment? Sorry, guys!

19 coveted stems have been given out in total over the years, with season 4 being the first time the night one gesture was made. Although the season 6 leading man opted not give one out, there were two lucky contestants to receive a first impression rose on season 7 (more on that below). That’s not to say the first impression rose doesn’t hold any weight. A handful of runner-ups and top four contestants have received one … but there was also a woman who was sent home during week 2 despite her instant spark with the reality stud.

The heart wants what it wants, right? Keep scrolling to see every first impression rose winner through the years!