Coming on strong! Bachelor contestant Hannah Ann Sluss already has the other ladies “pissed” after she pulls Peter Weber aside a whopping three times on night one. Fans of the franchise know that time is precious after stepping out of the limo and most of the nearly 30 contestants get just a few moments with the leading man or woman. For someone to repeatedly squeeze in more chatting means less time — or none — for the others. However, Hannah Ann is unbothered by the glares she receives.

The teaser for the new season, which kicks off January 6, was released on January 3 and shows the contestants debating on who has gotten time with the hunky pilot, 28. The 23-year-old model, who looks stunning in a deep blue silk gown, can be heard saying, “I’m anxious to be able to talk to him again … I’m not here to sit on a couch and drink wine. I’m here to really pursue hopefully my future husband.”

She then interrupts the Bachelor Nation stud’s conversation with contestant Deandra to speak with him a second time. The Texas native plays it cool and tells Peter that it’s “completely” his choice and he takes the out. “Hannah cut me off, like, she’s ready to talk to Peter. I’m like, OK, why would you double touch when you’ve already touched?” Deandra says during a private interview. However, she lets the encounter slide.

From Hannah’s point of view, she was just trying to get her man locked down. “I’m not usually the aggressive type but I wanted to show my effort and my boldness,” she explains. The pilot seems excited and acknowledges, “You are, it’s noticed!”

PETER WEBER, HANNAH ANN First Impression Rose Night One The Bachelor
ABC/John Fleenor

Peter is later talking with Shiann when Hannah Ann waltzes up again and asks, “Can I steal you for a second?” Peter agrees again and they walk off together. However, the Las Vegas babe isn’t letting it roll off her back. “It really irked me to find out that was her third time talking to him … I’m pissed about it,” Shiann can be heard saying in a private interview as she takes initiative to pull Hannah aside and hash things out. Of course, ABC always leaves us wanting more and we’ll have to wait and see the drama that unfolds between the ladies.

Do Hannah Ann’s bold moves work? Keep reading to find out! Caution: Spoilers for the January 6 episode are below, do not keep reading if you don’t want to know what happens.

HANNAH ANN, PETER WEBER Night One The Bachelor
ABC/John Fleenor

Peter is obviously completely smitten over Hannah Ann from night one and ends up giving her the first impression rose, according to Reality Steve.

We’re in for a wild ride!