One of the OG members of Bachelor Nation! You may remember DeAnna Pappas as the leading lady for season 4 of The Bachelorette, who got the gig after being rejected by Brad Womack on season 11 of The Bachelor. Although she didn’t find lasting love with her winner Jesse Csincsak or runner-up Jason Mesnick, the brunette beauty found her happy ending once the cameras stopped rolling!

DeAnna, 37, tied the knot with her husband, Stephen Stagliano, in 2012, and they share two children — Addison and Austin. She keeps busy with her blog and web show Moms in Cars. The brunette beauty described the show on Instagram by writing, “Just a couple of moms, doing stuff in our cars. Pumping, Amazon shopping, reading, napping, etc. Whatever it takes.”

DeAnna may have been crushed when Brad sent both her and Jenni Croft and opted to leave the season alone, but now she feels grateful for the rejection. “Don’t worry, you’re gonna be fine,” she told her past self on Instagram on July 20 before Brad’s season re-aired on The Bachelor: The Greatest Seasons Ever! “This will be a wild, emotional roller coaster, but ride it. One day {about 13 years from this photo}, you will be thankful for his decision & you will be grateful to relive it all again.”

The starlet ended her own season by getting engaged to professional snowboarder Jesse. The couple had plans to get married in the Bahamas in May 2009 but broke up in November 2008. “I really felt like I was going to spend the rest of my life with him. I thought he was my fairy-tale ending,” the reality starlet divulged to In Touch at the time. “But after the show was over and we settled into our normal lives, I slowly came to realize that we are two totally different people and it wasn’t going to work out.”



Jesse, 37, was equally hurt by their split and the pressure that was put on them by the public. “I was so crushed by the breakup,” he told In Touch in a separate interview in 2014. “For me, the most difficult thing was how we were going to tell the public. I got broken up with at an airline terminal … I felt so alone. I wanted to crawl into a hole and disappear. I got thousands of e-mails from fans asking, ‘What was she thinking?'”


Everything turned out A-OK for the Ohio native. He got hitched to Ann Lueders, a contestant from Jason’s season, in 2010 and they have three kiddos. It looks like everyone involved found their happy ending, especially DeAnna!