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We Know That Voice! Celebs Who Sneakily Showed Off Their Musical Skills on ‘The Masked Singer’

Season 1 of The Masked Singer had us on the edge of our seats trying to identify just who was inside each elaborate costume. Over the course of two months, the show introduced 12 mystery celebrities and challenged a panel of judges — and the fans at home — to identify them just based on their voice. As the weeks passed, the Fox show also shared hints about each secretive performer, and the audience took to Twitter to trade theories about their favorite athletes, comedians, actors and musicians. By the end of the show, the Lion, Alien, Monster, Unicorn and all the rest had their identities revealed, and more than a few were a surprise.

“MONSTER WAS [T-Pain],” one fan wrote after the show’s February 2019 finale. “I’m in absolute shock … Now I BETTER NEVER hear anyone else say s–t about him using autotune. HIS VOICE IS INCREDIBLE AND BEAUTIFUL.” Even the other singers didn’t know who each other were. “I found out who I was competing against on #TheMaskedSinger at the same time you did,” Donny Osmond told fans in March. “Our rehearsals were at different locations [and] at different times, so we never crossed paths. Even after the other contestants were unmasked, I wasn’t allowed to know who else was on the show.”

Now, the show is back for season 2 as it introduces a whole new cast of masked singers. In fact, the internet is already buzzing about who The Flamingo may or may not be, and so far Adrienne Bailon seems to be the most popular guess. “Girl, that’s Chanel!” declared a fan who referenced the star’s Cheetah Girls character. “If it turns out not to be her, I’ll be surprised as f–k,” another tweeted. But the Flamingo isn’t the only new star of the show. This time around, fans will be unmasking 15 singers in total. So just who might be the Black Widow, Butterfly, Eagle or Egg? And will you be able to recognize who’s on stage when you can’t actually see their face? Check out the gallery below to see all celebrities whose identities have been revealed on The Masked Singer and guess along as we meet the rest. 

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