Love is in the air! Week 3 of The Bachelorette was filled with pain, tense interactions and a hospital visit. On the Monday, May 27, episode, Hannah Brown made some intense connections, but unfortunately had to send home a few guys.

This week, Tyler G., Cam, Joey and Jonathan went home. Keep reading for the full recap!

First, Jed, Cam, John Paul Jones, Jonathan, Tyler C., Mike, Matteo and Kevin went on the group date where they were greeted by Jenny Mollen and Jason Biggs who told them they would be answering questions about female anatomy. Oh, and the men got to experience what childbirth felt like. “That really hurts … a lot,” Jed said.

“I think today is really symbolic of what life is like. It can be messy and it can be painful. That is just a part of life together,” Hannah said to the camera about the date.

The Men on The Bachelorette

Thankfully, the blonde beauty relieved the pain by celebrating with a cocktail party. First, Jed took her aside where they spoke about Nashville — where he lives — and their relationship. Naturally, they shared a passionate kiss on the rooftop. “This whole thing is blowing my mind. It just keeps getting more and more real,” he confessed.

Mike got candid with Hannah — he told her that his ex got pregnant, but they lost their child in the second trimester. “Today it reminded me of that, and it was my fault because I wasn’t there for her at the time,” he said. During his conversation, Cam kept coming back and interrupting their time together. However, the two still smooched and shared an intimate moment.

So, what did Cam have to say? Well, he wanted to let her know that he quit his job in order to be with Hannah. The other guys didn’t like that Cam made a scene two weeks in a row, so Jonathan cut in. “I am not going to get physical,” Cam told John Paul Jones. “I am going to be the bigger man and walk away.”

Jonathan with Cam on The Bachelorette

Unfortunately, Cam insisted that he had something important to tell the Alabama native. “Every 15 seconds he walked back in there,” Mike said. “Sit your ass down and let me have my moment with Hannah.”

Hannah ended up giving the group date rose to Mike since he “showed another way to be bold tonight.”

Connor S. got the coveted one-on-one date this week, but Hannah had to cancel her plans with him since she wasn’t feeling well. However, the pageant queen invited him over to her hotel suite instead. Hannah revealed she woke up and passed out, so she went to the hospital to get pumped with some fluids. The duo shared a kiss while they were in bed.

The Texas native recalled a story where his mom had a stroke. “From that situation, I learned how strong my parents’ relationship was. They have been married for 37 years,” he said. “There are a lot of ups and downs in life, sickness and health, and I think it just showed me what I aspire to have in life.”

Connor even left some adorable notes for the reality star around her hotel room before he left. “That is so nice, that is so sweet,” she gushed. The investment analyst continued his date later on and was greeted by Hannah with a rose. “He left me sweet notes, Connor made me feel so great even though I didn’t feel great,” she said. The duo ended the night kissing while they danced to a live concert by Lukas Graham.

Hannah revealed that Tyler G. left the show, which she was a little bummed about. Despite the challenges, Hannah wants to continue to find love. For the second group date, Dylan, Garrett, Luke P., Luke S., Grant, Peter, Joey and Devin participated in a photo shoot with Hannah and some pets.

Demi Burnett also had cameras set up and wanted to make sure that all the guys are on the show for the right reasons. The former contestant hired a makeup artist and an animal handler to mess with the guys and see if they would say anything ~controversial.~ However, all of the handsome hunks passed the test with flying colors!

Later on, Hannah kissed Peter in front of the other guys, and Luke P. was not pleased. The Georgia native tried to take another picture with her, but Hannah had to go get changed and told him they would talk at the cocktail party instead.

The Guys on The Bachelorette

The ABC leading lady grabbed Luke P. to chat because she was a little disappointed that he stole the show and flaunted their connection in front of the other guys. “I just feel like it’s already promised to you and that bothers me a lot. I feel like your confidence in this kind of makes me irritated in a way,” she said. “I want you to focus on me and you do that but you also don’t respect that I have other relationships here for me and that bothers me. I like confidence, but it’s like cocky in a way.”

Of course, Luke didn’t understand what just happened so he tried to interrupt a conversation with Devin, but Hannah told him he had to wait to chat with her. “He’s very unstable right now. I am a little worried about him,” Luke S. said.

Before Hannah gave out the group date rose, she pulled Luke P. aside. Hannah admitted that she likes Luke P., but he needs to back off a little bit and understand that he might not get the rose every time. Instead, Hannah gave it to Peter. The pair shared a cute conversation where Peter admitted he was falling for Hannah.

Instead of a cocktail party, Chris Harrison informed the men that there would be a tailgate barbecue. Cam wanted to make it clear to everyone that he had something important to share with Hannah and needed to pull her aside ASAP.

Cam revealed in 2014 that his leg locked and the doctors told him he had to get his leg amputated. “The day before I got surgery, I got a call from my dad that my grandma passed away,” he said. “I didn’t want to go into tonight’s rose ceremony without giving you the full picture of who I am.”

Cam on The Bachelorette

But most of the guys thought that Cam was manipulating Hannah. “Cam is working his ass off for a pity rose,” Mike confessed.

Shortly afterward, Mike told Hannah what really went down with Cam. “We were just saying it’s kind of forced,” he said. In response, Hannah was not happy with what she heard.

“I did appreciate what you told me today,” she said to Cam. “I just feel like it’s an interesting time for you to bring up this story and like in an effort to stay. I heard a pity rose.” Cam defended himself and said he would never do that. “It just seems really, really calculated,” she said.

“Right now, my integrity is in question,” Cam said in the confessional. “If I go home because of it, I will be devastated.”

Hannah Brown on The Bachelorette

Fortunately, she knew that Cam wasn’t the right one for her and didn’t give him a rose. “I am looking forward to this next week of new adventures and finding love,” she said at the end of the show.

We can’t wait to see what happens next! But if you’re anxious for more, see season spoilers here.