More bad news for Amanda Stanton! Two days after the Bachelor star opened up on her Instagram account about a hacker stealing topless photos of her from her doctor’s medical database, her now-ex boyfriend, professional volleyball player Bobby Jacobs, has confirmed their split. Though fans have been speculating about a breakup for at least a few days, Us Weekly reports on Friday, April 5, that Bobby admitted the two were no longer a couple in an Instagram comment. Though he recently set his account to private, a fan who was following him decided to ask for deets — and, surprisingly enough, he agreed to share.

“Did she cheat? I just can’t understand how y’all can go from being soulmates, talks of getting engaged soon, you being a father figure, buying a house together, to suddenly broken up and deleting all pics of her from your page,” the fan wrote on one of Bobby’s Instagram photos. “I don’t get it! She must have cheated! Or you did. If not, WORK IT OUT, for your sake and for the sake of those girls! You are no doubt breaking their little hearts!! Relationships are NOT a walk in the park. Work through your problems; see a couples’ counselor. Don’t just give up. Seriously.”

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bye NYC, you were magic as always 🌃

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Bobby, 33, who still appears in photos shared on Amanda’s account, responded on April 5, “There was no cheating. … I’d always be there for the girls and I’ve voiced that many a time. Coming from having a deadbeat dad, I’ve chosen to live my life nothing like him. They touched my heart and vice versa. No matter what, I’ll always be around for them.” He also confirmed to another fan that the breakup was “not at all” related to the mom-of-two’s hacking situation.

Of course, this isn’t the first time the couple has hit a bump in the road. In September 2018, the Bachelor in Paradise alum was arrested for domestic violence. According to documents obtained by Us Weekly, the couple fought while in Las Vegas, Nevada, and an intoxicated Amanda threw a hotel phone at her then-boyfriend in addition to scratching, pinching, and shoving him. In response, she shared that she had donated $300 to a women’s shelter in Orange County, California, and it wasn’t long before Bobby was cracking jokes about the incident on Instagram.

Considering that didn’t break the couple up, there’s an understandable curiosity about exactly what went down this time around. Though neither Amanda nor Bobby is spilling just yet, at least we know that there was no cheating on either side of the relationship.