Um, whoa! Bachelor contestants Demi Burnett and Courtney Curtis got into an explosive argument during the Women Tell All special on March 5. The surprising yelling match between the ladies included tons of insults and stomping around the set. Although neither cracked Colton Underwood‘s top five, they still had a lot of tension toward each other and it all finally came out.

Courtney the bachelor women tell all

Courtney was still feeling salty after Demi admitted to “throwing her under the bus” and said that she “acted like a child.” She snapped during the special episode: “You literally have the maturity of a three-year-old.” The Atlanta beauty also shouted, “All you do is talk about yourself and talk sh-t about other people all day!”

Being the firecracker that she is, the Texas native wasn’t afraid to jump in and defend herself. She threw in some fighting words including, “I should shove my heel down your throat.”

Bachelor Demi and Courtney fight women tell all

At one point, the two looked like they were literally going to brawl, but Chris Harrison simmered everyone down.

The reality starlets were definitely still carrying a lot of contempt toward each other since feuding on the show. During week 4, Courtney was feeling discouraged by not having spent a lot of time Colton. The other girls encouraged her to go talk to him but she was unsure.

That same episode, Demi revealed to our leading man that her mom was in prison and they shared a special bonding moment. After Courtney found out that she had spoken to the reality stud twice that evening, she thought it was rude and confronted her about how upset she was about it. Demi wasn’t remorseful at all and received the date rose which led Courtney to cry in the bathroom.

Old feuds die hard, right?

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