Naomi Campell Talks to Life & Style: 'Nobody Knows the Real Me' (EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW)

Naomi campbell


Life & Style sat down with international supermodel Naomi Campbell, 42, who insists that the catfights, tantrums and arrests of her past don’t define her.
“If people think they know me, they can think again,” Naomi shares with Life & Style, on newsstands now. “Most people think they know me because they say, ‘We’ve seen your pictures here and there for years,’” Naomi continues. “But when I’m not working or anything, I try to live a private, quiet life.”
Living the private life had entailed avoiding joining Twitter until last September and now involves silently continent-hopping between homes in Moscow, London and NYC with hush-hush boyfriend of four years, Russian billionaire Vladislav Doronin.

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“I’m a gypsy,” she laughs. “I want to see the new wonders of the world and spend quality time with the people I love.”
While Naomi’s travels are indeed lavish, she tries to steer clear of excess in other areas of her life. “I gave up drinking alcohol,” Naomi reveals. “Not drinking makes me a lot happier.”
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