What a sweet wife! Amy Schumer took to Instagram on Tuesday, March 24, to share a video in which she gave her husband, Chris Fischer, a haircut.

“Anyone else at the moment?” she captioned the clip. Considering barbershops and hair salons are closed due to the coronavirus pandemic, Chris was left with no choice but to trust his wife to take care of his hair. Fortunately, he was all for it and even poked fun at Amy throughout the process. “Don’t cut it willy-nilly,” he told her before she jokingly replied. “F–k you. I’m doing a great job. Next, you’re cutting my hair,” she told him.

The father of one was quick to take a peek of Amy’s masterpiece. Luckily, he was happy with the result. “It looks great,” he said relieved. “Thank you. I love you.”

When Chris and Amy aren’t bonding and cracking jokes at each other’s expense, they’re focused on their child, Gene. The married couple welcomed their bundle of joy in May 2019, and they’ve been sharing plenty of the 10-month-old’s milestones, including his first steps.

On March 16, the I Feel Pretty star shared a video of her son walking with his dad’s help. “Nailing it,” she captioned the post. He really was! Fans were super impressed by how quickly he accomplished the new skill. “Dude, he’s crushing it!” someone commented. “He can walk better than I can,” wrote another fan. “He’s a natural,” wrote a third person.

Amy Schumer, Chris Fischer
Courtesy of Amy Schumer/Instagram

Amy has come a long way since becoming a parent. She didn’t have the easiest pregnancy and faced some serious complications when she was in labor. “I was throwing up through the first hour of my c-section,” she revealed on the “Informed Pregnancy” podcast in December 2019. “It’s supposed to take about an hour and a half — mine took over three hours because of my endometriosis, and that was really scary.”

Luckily, now that Gene is here, he has made all the struggles worthwhile. “I didn’t know I could love someone that much no offense to my husband, who’s here,” the mom of one divulged to Entertainment Weekly in November 2019. “But yeah, I think we’re both shocked by the level of love that’s possible.”

So what’s next? Well, Amy and Chris seem interested in expanding their brood. In February, the blonde beauty revealed she underwent IVF in hopes of giving Gene a younger sibling. We can’t wait!