What a milestone! Comedian Amy Schumer shared a precious moment with husband Chris Fischer in which their son, Gene, said “mom” on Wednesday, September 23. “The world is burning, but this was a nice moment,” the 39-year-old captioned the video posted to her Instagram grid.

In the adorable footage, the married couple’s child, 16 months, was enjoying playtime as his parents and his nanny, Jane, encouraged him to address his mama while he played with his toy kitchen. After some coaxing, the toddler proudly says “mom,” to which the three adults cheer and laugh in celebration. Amy’s husband, 40, asked his son a second time to say “mom,” but it seemed the tiny tot got a little camera shy and kept quiet until the end of the clip.

The famous funny family enjoyed Gene’s first birthday celebration at home in early May. “Lots of love being sent your way,” read the text message Amy sent to fans at the time alongside an adorable family photo featuring Gene in a birthday crown. “Here is us celebrating Gene’s first B-Day!”

Amy and Chris welcomed their first child in May 2019. “I didn’t know I could love someone that much, no offense to my husband,” Amy gushed to Entertainment Weekly about the duo’s sweet son just six months after his birth. “But yeah, I think we’re both shocked by the level of love that’s possible.”

amy-schumer-son gene-first-birthday-at-home
Courtesy of Amy Schumer

In an effort to “give Gene a sibling,” Amy revealed she and her partner were pursuing in vitro fertilization (IVF) in January. However, after successfully getting 26 of her eggs fertilized, the parents decided to put their family planning on hold due to the uncertainty of the coronavirus pandemic.

She told Howard Stern in late April that she “hopes” to grow her family unit in the near future. “You know, we got these embryos, so I don’t know,” Amy explained. “But right now, we were gonna try to make a move, but then COVID happened and I’m just kinda, like, walking back like, ‘OK, maybe we’ll revisit that in a minute.’”

It’s clear the Inside Amy Schumer alum is head over heels about mom life!