A little post-Thanksgiving humor (and cuteness) for ya! Amy Schumer gave the comedic performance of a lifetime on her Instagram feed, where she jokingly referred to her infant son, Gene, as a “food baby” on November 29. Needless to say, it seems like Amy’s fam may have hit the stuffing a little too hard.

It all started when the 38-year-old set the scene with a ~tearful~ recap of the prior day’s meal. “Hi, I just really wanted to thank everyone for their thoughts and prayers for my uncle, who remains in a food coma,” the comedian started her hilarious monologue while laying in bed. “He did not wake up.” Trust us, the drama and tensions were high in this satirical vid!

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“And while we’re on the subject, this has actually been a really hard time for me because everyone’s making a lot of jokes about how they ate a lot and made a food baby,” Amy mock tearfully said. “But, that’s actually funny, because seven months ago, I had my own food baby.” She then panned the camera to her son and his dad, Chris Fischer, who were laying next to her on the bed. “And now, we live with him and he is made of food.”

LOL! One thing we seriously love about this blonde beauty is that she’s always been able to make light of every part of pregnancy and motherhood — yes, both the good and the bad. Her sense of humor peppered every part of her journey since announcing her pregnancy back in October 2018.

In fact, one of her finest moments was when she welcomed back her menstrual cycle in July, just two months after giving birth to her little guy. “First period in a year 👩🏼‍🚒👩🏼‍✈️👠⛑🎒🦑🍄☄️🏓🥊🚣🏼‍♀️🚗⛽️💉✂️📌❣️🚩☔️🌪🌪🌪,” she captioned a series of three photos of herself and her hubby, 39, wet on the beach together. In one of the snaps, the couple gave each other a big fat kiss. Talk about a celebration!

It’s been great seeing Amy so open and vulnerable throughout motherhood thus far. Besides, if you can joke about your kid, you’re a pretty laid back kind of gal!