Temptation Island star Kendal Kirkland’s girlfriend Erica Washington shocked fans when she ended things with him during season 3’s final bonfire. Even more surprising, Kendal said he wanted to “try something new” and left with contestant Alexcys Homan. Many fans are wondering: Are Kendal and Alexcys still together? Keep reading to find out!

Alexcys, 23, admitted during the reunion she “ghosted” Kendal, 26, after they returned home from filming the reality dating show. She noted she was very unhappy after watching the show and seeing he only chose her after Erica, 24, turned him down.

“I feel bad that you had to deal with a man like Kendal. Honestly, you deserve the best,” Alexcys told Erica during the reunion. “I hung out with him once, once we got back. I basically ghosted him afterward. I wasn’t OK with how I felt on the island. … I’m upset that it didn’t end sooner.”

Are Kendal Kirkland and Alexcys Homan from 'Temptation Island' still together?
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Alexcys then addressed Kendal and said, “I thought everything was very genuine. I felt played at the end [about] every choice you made on the island.”

The blonde beauty’s Instagram is currently set to private. As for Kendal, who has been receiving shade from fans for his actions on Temptation Island, he appears to be unbothered. “How I’m dodging the haters from now on,” he wrote on his Instagram Story while dancing in the car. “I don’t do drama.”

Kendal’s relationship with Erica became one of the most controversial of the season. The athletic trainer hooked up with multiple women throughout his time on the island and was even spotted in bed with two women at the same time. He defended his actions during the reunion by stating that Erica set “no rules” before going in. 

Kendal Kirkland, Erica Washington Temptation Island
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“I feel like when you’re in a relationship, even if you go into this experience and say, ‘No rules,’ I shouldn’t have to tell my partner, ‘Hey, don’t cheat on me,‘ or ‘Hey, don’t disrespect me,’” Erica said. “That’s what I expected from him.” 

During the final bonfire, Erica was the one who said goodbye for good, despite a very shocked Kendal repeatedly asking if she was sure. 

“I love you so much. I’ve never loved anyone the way that I’ve loved you. But this process has taught me that it’s important that I love myself beyond that and that I put myself first. For that reason, I’ll be leaving by myself,” she explained. “The Erica that came into this, that’s not the same Erica right now. I stand firm in that decision, so you don’t have to keep asking me. I’ve gotta love myself more. I’ve gotta put myself first.”