The Ladies of ‘Bachelor: Listen to Your Heart’ Slay the Beach as Much as the Stage! See Bikini Photos

Whether it’s the stage or the pool, these gals sure know how to kill it! Fans can’t get enough of the Bachelor Presents: Listen to Your Heart cast after the season finale on May 18 — luckily they’re all avid Instagram users and they love chilling on the beach almost as much as they love posting singing videos. As summer approaches, the girls are hitting the pool and showing off their amazing bikini bodies.

It’s no secret they enjoyed their time on the show, whether or not they found lasting love. “Listen to Your Heart was the most incredible experience and it taught me a lot about myself and pushed me in ways I hadn’t been pushed before and I’m so grateful for that,” wrote Rudi Gutierrez. “I am so incredibly grateful that I got to meet my amazingly talented cast members, producers, the crew, the band, and all of you that have undoubtedly turned into lifelong friends! How lucky am I?” agreed Natascha Bessez.

But now, it looks like they’re enjoying some downtime amid the coronavirus pandemic, whether they’re sunbathing by the pool or catching some rays in the back yard. “Since I haven’t been able to do much modeling lately due to quarantine, I decided to have a photo shoot with myself on my trampoline 😛🤷🏻‍♀️,” joked Bri Stauss, who went on to win the show with her man Chris Watson.

Unfortunately, the quarantine put a bit of a damper on some of the other blossoming romances. “Since I live in L.A. and Ryan [Neal] is in Detroit, we are hoping for the chance to spend some time together once travel is safe again,” Natascha told ET. “We talk and FaceTime all the time, so our plan is to just take everything day by day and have an open heart and mind while doing so.” The same goes for Rudi and Matt Ranaudo. “[We’re] feeling things out,” she told ET. “It’s just hard because we haven’t been able to see each other. I’m quarantined in Texas and he is in L.A., but we don’t go a day without talking to each other, so who knows what’ll happen once we get to see each other again!”  We’re sure Matt is dying to reunite after seeing her newest bikini pic!

Scroll through the gallery below to see the contestants of The Bachelor Presents: Listen to Your Heart‘s most stunning swimsuit photos