Season 21 of The Bachelorette is coming which means it’s time to make your picks for how far the contestants on Jenn Tran’s season will last. The printable bracket below will come in handy for some friendly competition with Bachelor Nation pals throughout the season.

Jenn, 26, was confirmed as the new lead for The Bachelorette in March following the finale of season 28 of The Bachelor. After Joey Graziadei and Kelsey Anderson confirmed that they were still engaged and going strong at the live reunion show, host Jesse Palmer revealed that Jenn would be the next lucky person to try and find love thanks to the franchise.

Prior to being named the Bachelorette, Jenn was a contestant on Joey’s season. She was eliminated right before hometown dates, finishing in the top 6.

Time to Make Your Picks Weekly Printable Bracket for Season 21 of The Bachelorette With Jenn Tran 146

There was some controversy surrounding Jenn’s casting news, as fellow season 28 contestants Maria Georgas and Daisy Kent revealed that they were also in the running for the gig. Maria, 29, appeared on the “Call Her Daddy” podcast in May and claimed it was “set in stone” that she was the Bachelorette before she decided to drop out of the position.

However, Jenn cleared some things up during her own appearance on the podcast in June. She pointed out that there are multiple women considered for the role every year and said that the narrative surrounding this year’s decision was “not necessarily the truth.”

Who Do You Want to See as the Next Golden Bachelor?

“Multiple people are doing interviews or doing fittings or filming intro packages,” she explained, shutting down Maria’s declaration that she was the only one in that position until she stepped down. “And it’s never really you until it’s you. That’s why I was a little disappointed. The narratives out there aren’t exactly true.”

She insisted that “everything’s good” between her and Maria, but some fans noticed that Maria wasn’t following Jenn on Instagram after the interview aired. It’s unclear whether she had been following her beforehand, but Maria previously had nothing but kind things to say about Jenn while discussing the situation in her May interview.

“She is the most perfect Bachelorette in my eyes,” Maria shared. I” couldn’t think of anyone better to do this. She was so ready for it, and that was enough for me to say, ‘Yeah, it’s not my time.’”

Regardless of the drama, Jenn will have her moment in the spotlight as her journey to find love airs this summer. Season 21 of The Bachelorette premieres on July 8 on ABC at 8 p.m.

“I’m also being told that the ending of my season is also something that has never happened before,” the reality star teased during a June appearance at CMA Fest. Of course, she could not expand on the specifics of what goes down.

One thing that has been confirmed, though, is that Jenn’s season will not be filming at the usual Bachelor mansion in Los Angeles. Instead, the first night of filming took place at Hummingbird Nest Ranch in Santa Susana, California, and then Jenn and her remaining men immediately departed for international dates in Australia and New Zealand.

“We’re really breaking the mold this season,” Jenn dished in April. “I feel like a new mansion is the perfect way to break the mold. I’m gonna bless it with some really good vibes.”