Spill the tea! Bachelorette star Hannah Brown revealed a lot about this season’s contestants and how some of them need to work on their kissing. The Alabama beauty always says what’s on her mind and her recent interview with Ryan Seacrest was no exception.

“Did anyone get cut because they were a bad kisser?” the On Air With Ryan host on Monday, May 20. The 24-year-old immediately started giggling which gave away that she totally sent someone home because of their smooching skills. “Oh my gosh. OK, before the show I had only kissed five guys,” the former beauty queen admitted.

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Obviously, that changed when she kissed three contestants, Cam, Connor and Luke, during night one. “So, I’ve had a lot of different kisses,” Hannah continued. “Let me tell you, men, soften your lips. Go slow … women are not microwaves, we’re like ovens, and you gotta heat us up, you know? So, don’t be sticking your tongue in your mouth and be making all these swirlies that you don’t know what to do with. It’s like a lizard tongue.”

“Oh my gosh, so scary,” she joked. For any kissing impaired people out there, the reality starlet had some keen advice. “This is really important … it’s the lips. You have to have soft lips that finish the kiss off, keep it soft but also strong and sexy.”

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As for keeping her breath fresh through the night (it’s a long time!), Hannah joked that she’s “addicted” to breath spray. “I feel like I should be sponsored by Listerine because … I spray about eight to 14 sprays at one time,” she said with a laugh.

The Southern belle confessed that one of the biggest challenges of dating on the show was not being able to cyberstalk the guys. “Who am I having feels for? What if they post mirror pics?” the season 15 leading lady divulged. “I tried to ask [the producers]. I’d be like, ‘Please, can you just go look?’ They’re all private. We all have to be off social media but just go look at their picture and please tell me it’s not a mirror pic.” Honestly, that would be a frightening revelation to have after getting engaged. We’re kidding … but not really.

Hopefully, Hannah got her guy and he has a relatively normal Instagram page. We’ll keep our fingers crossed for you, girl!