Spill the tea? Bachelorette star Katie Thurston seemingly “liked” then “unliked” a shady post about contestant Greg Grippo being on the reality TV dating show for the wrong reasons. 

The meme featured Greg, 28, standing with his head in his hands and was posted via Instagram on Tuesday, June 22, by Bachelor Nation alum Bekah Martinez and cohost Jess Ambrose’s “Chatty Broads” podcast.

“When the guy next to you is getting interrogated about wanting to be the Bachelor and you’ve gotta pretend to be disgusted while hiding your acting career aspirations,” the meme read.

Bachelor Nation Scoop reported Katie, 30, “liked” the post and multiple fans commented about the leading lady giving it a thumbs up. However, she seemingly “unliked” it shortly after. 

Greg received Katie’s first impression rose and is already a frontrunner this season thanks to his sweet demeanor on the show. Some commenters came for the “Chatty Broads” podcast about insinuating the New Jersey native, who they reported previously attended acting classes, is using the show for fame.

“It’s a joke people. I went on the show [for] clout, too, OK? I just hate Greg,” Bekah, 26, commented. That being said, the former contestant from Arie Luyendyk Jr.’s season and her cohost noted they were concerned the contestant had “ulterior motives” during their week 2 recap episode

Time will tell how Katie and Greg’s journey to find love unfolds — see season 17 spoilers here — but the leading lady seems to be falling fast for him. 

The marketing sales representative is “serious about wanting to settle down” and “wants to find someone he can grow old with and treat like a queen,” according to his ABC bio. “Greg wants to travel the world with his wife before having kids, of which he says he wants to have at least six!” his bio added. 

Katie has made it clear she is looking for her future husband this season, but an insider told Life & Style that her journey is “drama-filled.”

“It’s definitely an emotional roller coaster for Katie. She doesn’t hold back and will tell it like it is. At one point, she threatened to quit the show. It really got to her and she couldn’t take it anymore,” the source divulged. “She just walked away from cameras. She kept changing how she felt and her thoughts were all over the place. You will see later on this season how difficult it was for her.”