Get your fitness on! Bachelor in Paradise alum Astrid Loch showed her equipment-free ab workout that she’s using to get wedding ready. The starlet got engaged to her longtime boyfriend from the reality show, Kevin Wendt, on August 28, and she’s already hitting the gym hard for their upcoming nuptials. Luckily for the rest of us, her ab circuit could easily be done any place you have a little space to move around.

“Time to get in wedding shape. You guys wanted to see more core work so here’s a ‘fun’ little ab circuit that requires NO EQUIPMENT … Tag your workout buddy to give them extra motivation today,” the 28-year-old brunette beauty explained on Instagram on September 26. Please note that ~fun~ is a very loose term here. Also, it seems as though Astrid’s workout pal is her adorable pup, who appears to chill right next to her the whole time.

Astrid Loch at the Gym Equipment Free Ab Circuit
Courtesy of Astrid Loch Instagram

The circuit was designed by trainer Sopearin Yos, the owner of Common Ground fitness studio in Toronto, Canada — the city Astrid and Kevin call home. The reality babe even noted that she and the workout guru jam to Britney Spears during their sessions.

Astrid and Kevin met during season 5 of Paradise and formed an adorable bond. Although they split during week 6, they rekindled their romance after the cameras stopped rolling and were back together by the time the reunion show aired. They seem over-the-moon excited about this next chapter in their life and Astrid gushed over just how in love she is with the firefighter after he got down on one knee.

“I could have sworn the world stood still in this moment. A moment I’ll never forget. Just you + me,” she lovingly wrote on Instagram to announce their engagement on September 3. “[Kevin], you’ve taught me to love, learn and grow and I can’t believe you’ve chosen me to spend this crazy life with. Wonder if I’ll ever stop smiling? Probably not. In this together, forever.”

Astrid Loch and Kevin Wendt Helicopter Selfie
Courtesy of Astrid Loch Instagram

The feeling is definitely mutual, and the reality hunk divulged in his own Instagram post that popping the question was the “most nervous I’ve been my entire life.” He added, “You’ll never walk alone again. From here on out, we run together. Astrid, you are my family, babe. Forever.” Too sweet!

We’re sure Astrid will be sharing a lot more wedding workouts in the near future. Keep slaying, girl.