One day! Bachelor in Paradise couple Krystal Nielson and Chris Randone exclusively dished about their baby plans to Life & Style and the reality duo wants a big family someday. They just tied the knot in Mexico this summer and are excited for their future together. Kids are still way in the distance, but the newlyweds are currently working on becoming the best they can be.

“I mean, right now, it’s not happening. Not until the end of the year,” Chris, 31, revealed during a workout event hosted by Garden of Life plant-based protein drinks on October 23. “The reason why is because we both committed to improving ourselves and doing things to really improve as individuals and bring us close together.” When they do decide to enter the next big chapter in their lives, they’re prepared for a very full house.

Krystal Nielson and Chris Randone at an Event
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Krystal, 32, and Chris’ father are both twins — so it’s genetically likely that they will follow suit when they start their family. “I want twins and then one more. It’s going to be a girl and two twin boys — mark my words,” Krystal playfully bet. “I would take five,” Chris added, keeping his fingers crossed. “If we have twins, then I definitely would try to go for another set of twins.”

For now, they know the work they put into themselves will help later down the line. “That is important for us, for our children … it’s just self-development work,” Chris said while noting that they have “taken ownership” over growing as people.

The reality stars divulged that they were both raised in tumultuous homes. “[Krystal] did a lot of research and she expressed to me that cellularly our bodies, if we bring a lot of this trauma into having a child, it transfers into the child,” Chris admitted, “That for us is a really big thing because we experienced a lot of trauma from our past and our childhoods and we wanted to make sure that we could address that and move forward and make sure that we kind of revitalize ourselves.”

“We have seen it, like our moms, where they could have obviously improved their parenting, but they learned that from their moms and I am sure from their moms and it’s a thing that genetically gets passed down — these patterns, and we want to stop it,” Krystal further explained. “We want to break it so that when we bring a baby into this world, we are not passing on any of that trauma. Plus, you really come together as a team and we don’t have those triggers that cause you to react, you know, versus actually understanding so that is our sole focus.”

There’s a lot of excitement in the gorgeous duo’s future and they’re taking it one step at a time. “We are so excited to start a family, and I think for us, it’s getting those last few things up,” Krystal acknowledged. She has started her own workout program, TBG, that’s exploding and has a lot more on her plate. “I am now getting into life coaching because … that is what I am so passionate about and where I see the biggest transformations is changing people’s opinions about themselves and learning to love and honor who they are and walk them through and hold their hand through that journey of self-love.”

Bachelor in Paradise Couple Chris Randone and Krystal Nielson Baby Plans Want 5 Kids and Twins

It sounds like the future Nielson-Randone kids will be in very good hands!