Not here for it! Chris Randone was not happy about John Paul Jones and Derek Peth‘s explosive fight during his and Krystal Nielson‘s wedding. Not surprisingly, he is still pissed over it. The newlywed tweeted during the August 27 episode of Bachelor in Paradise and didn’t hide his feelings.

“The WORST part was when JPJ said hi to my mom turn around say f—k Derek and then blow up saying imaginary things. We’ve never even seen or heard these things all season. This was horrible,” the Goose tweeted.

The gorgeous ceremony was officiated by Chris Harrison and the couple exchanged personal vows about green juice and finding love in unexpected places. The groom couldn’t quite comprehend the drama that went down. “In all seriousness … would you be upset if JPJ did this in front of your mom at your wedding???????!!!” he tweeted shortly after.

The good vibes came to an end when the chicken nugget lover came for Derek like a bulldozer after the ceremony to confront him about his budding romance with Tayshia Adams. JPJ felt like Derek “swooped in” and charmed the reality babe, despite his growing relationship with her.

John Paul Jones and Derek Peth fight on Bachelor in Paradise at Chris and Krystal wedding

During their argument, JPJ referenced a lot of conversations that he supposedly had with Derek, which were not shown on the show. He claimed that the franchise veteran “uses women” and accused him of being on the show to promote his podcast. The two began yelling in the middle of the reception and it was not a good look.

Whether you support Derek or JPJ in the feud, fans definitely agreed with Chris that their behavior was completely inappropriate. “JPJ should be ashamed. He owes you and Krystal a huge apology,” one person responded to Chris’ tweet. Another user echoed, “I hope you [and] Krystal got an apology from JPJ because that was appalling.” A separate comment read, “I felt so bad for you guys! Like that is not what you wanted at your wedding.”

Drama or not, their wedding was beautiful. Congrats to Glitter and the Goose!