Over it. Cassie Randolph slammed her “edited” interview with Chris Harrison about her split from Colton Underwood during the July 6 episode of The Bachelor: Greatest Seasons Ever

“So, I’m a little irritated about a few things right now. Just watched the Bachelor interview that aired, and I feel like I’m speaking to no one. I’ve said this a million times, you guys cannot judge something that you know is edited and know nothing about,” the Huntington Beach native, 25, said on her Instagram Story. 

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Being a grad student and new resident of Los Angeles, the Bachelor Nation babe acknowledged she has more important things going on in her life than her breakup from the season 23 star, 28. 

“There was so much more that I talk about in that interview than just our relationship. I went on there telling them that I didn’t want to talk about and I wouldn’t talk about it,” Cassie continued. “We talked about my tattoo. We talked about reminiscing on Trista [Sutter]’s season, which was the whole point of going on. We talked about school, believe it or not, there’s so much more to me than just my past relationship, and I think that’s why I’m annoyed. It’s just ridiculous how people can make assumptions on things they know nothing about.”

The starlet confessed she had been receiving hateful messages about being disrespectful to the former football player by talking about their uncoupling. However, she noted she “said nothing” during the sit down with the ABC host. 

The reality starlet acknowledged that their split was still a “sensitive subject” and she’s been “emotional” about it on the latest episode. “It’s been really hard,” she explained while adding, “We’re on good terms.” 

The only detail she spilled was that Colton contracting coronavirus in March and quarantining together amid the pandemic “had nothing to do with [their] breakup” in the month of May. Cassie said the experience actually made them “closer.”

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All in all, the blonde beauty has “no regrets” and said the pair had a “really great relationship” and “got along really well.”

Cassie previously opened up after taking a month-long break from social media after getting tons of hate online after she and Colton called it quits.

“It takes incredible mental strength to shrug off strangers who regularly criticize your character based on conclusions they drew while watching an edited TV show (I could say so much here),” she wrote on Instagram. “It can feel like an uphill battle … I feel like saying: OK all you mother ffers hating on me for my breakup. Please stop. It’s been an awful few months for ME trying to go [through] it.”

Stay strong, girl!