Love is in the air! Bachelor Nation alum Chad Johnson exclusively dished details to Life & Style about his new relationship with girlfriend Annalise Mishler — and he’s all in. The former Bachelorette contestant from JoJo Fletcher‘s season revealed that he and the YouTuber have been “on-and-off for five months,” but they have been “serious for three [months].”

Despite their ups and downs, the 31-year-old had a very definite answer when asked if he was committed to the blonde beauty, 25. “Yeah, 100 percent. I started unfollowing all the 8,000 girls I’d followed on Instagram, so that’s a big move right there,” the former Bachelor in Paradise contestant confessed at the Make A Wish Greater Los Angeles WISH Gala on November 20.

Bachelor Nation Alum Chad Johnson and New Girlfriend Annalise Mishler Relationship Details

As far as settling down and having a family, the Ex on the Beach stud admitted that it’s probably still way off in the future for him. “Eventually. I want to travel the world first,” he explained after being asked if he wanted to get married or have kids. “I think you’ve got to get that out of your system. Because I don’t want to have a kid and be locked down and be like, ‘Well, I kind of want to leave for six months, but we’ve got the kid.’ But yeah. Eventually, for sure. I’ll have a really nice kid. I’m sure he will be just like his father!”

Although Chad and Annalise seem to be clicking, he noted that his strong personality sometimes causes friction. “She gets mad at me because I make bad jokes and say the wrong things, and I’m like, ‘You know nothing about me, do you?’” he quipped. The reality star even shared a story about a recent squabble the two had. “We had a fight last time I was here … Literally, we fought right after the event and I had to go home. And then, right before [coming] here, we fought, which is why she’s not here. But it’s good, because we immediately made up before I walked in, but she’s still not here. The thing I’ve noticed about her is that she apparently did zero research on me before we met.”

Love is full of surprises, right? Good luck, Chad and Annalise!