You OK? Bachelor Nation alum Chad Johnson went off during a three-day long Twitter rant and called out everyone from Nick Viall to Ben Higgins and current Bachelor in Paradise couple Dean Unglert and Caelynn Miller-Keyes. It’s no secret the Ex on the Beach star has beef with many of the former contestant from the Bachelor franchise and has a knack for stirring up drama. He unleashed hurricane Chad and no one was safe.

It started on August 15, when the 32-year-old chimed in about former leading man Nick commenting on Blake Horstmann releasing text messages allegedly sent by Caelynn after their explosive on-screen fight. “So Nick Vile says that Blake releasing texts was ‘premeditated.’ No s—t. It’s called thinking. Sociopath Caelynn made up lies to create a victim storyline. Blake had no choice but to show texts. The Botox & fillers have melted both Nick and Caelynn’s brains,” Chad tweeted.

“Congrats on being a trash human,” Dean snapped back on the social media platform on August 17 to which Chad swiftly responded, “Congrats on living in a f–kin van.”

The contestant was asked to leave season 3 of Paradise after calling Sarah Herron a “one-armed bitch.” Chad denied this infamous moment on August 17 by writing, “I recently learned that I never called Sarah a ‘one arm B.’ The audio was cut, spliced, and edited together from multiple conversations. I apologized for [three] years for something I never even did. Beyond f—ked up.” He didn’t go into any more detail about this but continued to lean in on Sarah after she called Dean her “low-key” hero.

Chad posted alleged text messages between the two, which made it look like the blonde beauty had no saltiness toward him and he even alluded to the idea that she was flirting with him. “You literally Facebook messaged me and said it wasn’t a big deal … I apologized 100 times. You even were interested in me afterward. If it hadn’t been for my comment that never even happened, your charity would not be known. And still, this?” he wrote.

In the midst of mentioning other reality stars from the franchise — like Evan Bass and Sean Lowe — Chad noted that Arie Luyendyk Jr. and Lauren Burnham “are legitimately the only people from The Bachelor that don’t deserve a good punch in the mouth. And yes that includes myself.”

Chad then called out the Ben and his “Almost Famous” podcast with Ashley Iaconetti on August 18. “Podcasts don’t make money. As I was told after 6 months of working [on] mine. Even Ben Higgins earns less than 20k per year from his podcast & it’s very highly listened to (I don’t know why),” the tweet read.

The Colorado native responded to Chad’s claims and wrote, “Man, this is def not true. Sorry yours didn’t work out. We have been lucky enough to have 16 million listens in our time.” Chad snapped back, “This is 100 [percent] true lol these are legal figures given to my sources. Keep pawning that coffee Ben, also keep never telling anyone the actual percentage that benefits the actual charity. Captain charity, Ben Higgins, formally known as Captain Deceptive.”

Chad continued his public roasting of Bachelor Nation in a series of tweets on August 19. He noted that some were “true and some have been falsified to add dramatic effect.” The contestant from JoJo Fletcher‘s season continued to go in on the former leading man. “Ben Higgins attempted to coach me on set how to show my good side. He was unable to push me to be as fake as him due largely to the fact that he is irredeemably dumb. I hope that his political career goes as far as his tv show did. It’s terrible & it never should have happened,” he wrote.

This was … a lot. It’s unclear why Chad decided to go on this Twitter rant, although he admitted that he “cracked up a few times” while writing them.