The California wildfires devastated many homes and families back in November 2018, and they also devastated the Bachelor mansion. Though the beloved property from the reality TV franchise was badly damaged, it was not entirely destroyed — which made host Chris Harrison hopeful the show would return to the magical manor for the next season of The Bachelorette. It looks like the 47-year-old got his wish, as he documented his return to the residence for the first time since the blaze.

“She’s never looked so gorgeous,” he captioned a photo of the entrance way of the famous mansion. “After what our community has been through this year I’m more grateful than ever to be back home,” he wrote, adding the tags “#TheBachelorette” and “#BachelorMansion.”

Mike Fleiss, creator of the series, took to Twitter on November 6, informing fans and followers to “Pray for Malibu— and #TheBachelor Mansion…” He paired the tweet with a photo of smoke that seemed to show flames engulfing the hills near the manor at the time of the fires. ABC Reality Chief Rob Mills retweeted the post, adding, “Thinking of the people of Malibu and yes #TheBachelor Mansion is in grave danger as well.” It was a scary time for us all, folks.

Chris gave the Hollywood Reporter an update back in December 2018 about the property that had been damaged. “The house that we use for production, office space and storage, that burned down. Then the outside patio, which was wood, burned down and stuff melted around the house. But the actual house is standing,” he said.

“Hopefully, we’ll be back shooting at the mansion next season [for The Bachelorette],” he explained. “The goal is to get back there.”

Well, Chris, you guys made it. We can’t say enough how happy we are to see the Bachelor and Bachelorette crew take back their rightful home! Long live the mansion, huh, Bachelor Nation? Congrats!