The end of summer has come early for Danielle Olivera, who announced that she’s leaving Summer House as a full-time cast member ahead of season 9.

The Donne founder, 35, took to Instagram on Tuesday, June 25, to share the news with her followers. She posted a photo of the cast and wrote in a separate slide that it was a “heartbreaking decision” to not return full-time next season.

“Obviously, this decision didn’t come without a tremendous amount of thought,” Danielle continued. “Ultimately, I just need to trust my gut. If I can’t put 100% of myself into filming, genuinely and authentically, it really doesn’t feel right doing it in a full-time capacity. The network, production, my cast, and especially all of you deserve that.”

The Bravolebrity said that she needs to “protect and prioritize the things that matter most to me — my company, my people and of course, myself.” Danielle added that she was “grateful” to the reality show’s networks for their understanding and support.

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“I was fortunate enough to be able to take a step back season 4 as well, and it ended up working out better than I imagined,” she shared.

Danielle hinted that there is still a possibility of her part-time involvement in Summer House season 9.

“However I’m involved this summer, you can bet I’ll be rooting for another incredible season from my Summer House fam. My goodness, season 9 you guys!!!” she concluded. “Best of luck and sending so much love.”

Danielle Olivera Leaving Summer House Ahead of Season 9

Danielle joined Summer House as a full-time cast member in season 2, which first premiered in January 2018. Her exit comes after a somewhat difficult two seasons. In season 7, the New Jersey native had a falling out with best friend Lindsay Hubbard, as Danielle didn’t approve of the New York native’s relationship with then-fiancé Carl Radke. Though she and Lindsay, 37, smoothed things over at the reunion and slowly became friends again in season 8, there was still a noticeable difference in their dynamic.

“We’re on good terms. We’re texting, it’s a little bit lighter. You know – the sisterhood is not there. We just have a different relationship now and I think that’s the one that both of us are most comfortable with,” Danielle recently told Life & Style in an exclusive interview of her friendship with Lindsay today.

The fashion app founder also had her feelings hurt over some comments made by costar Paige DeSorbo in season 8. After Paige, 31, joked about Danielle’s position as a CEO, the reality TV personality told Life & Style, “I don’t think it’s fair to discredit someone even if you think it’s funny. She is funny. I’m not going to knock her for anything like that. She’s a very funny person and very successful in her own right, but we can all be successful and support each other. I just didn’t feel that from her.”

Danielle also shared with Life & Style her thoughts on which Summer House cast members may or may not return in season 9 — although she skillfully avoided mentioning her own departure.

“You know what, in the beginning of the summer, like when we first started airing, I was like, ‘We had a great summer. I’ve got along with everyone!’ And I was surprised that I didn’t get along with everyone,” she said. “So I know I never know and my predictions are never correct. What I will say, though is that I think that our production crew, or everyone, they do try to be right by how the viewer would see things in the premise of the show.”

Danielle continued, “It goes back to friendship. Do these people want to be friends with each other? Can they exist in the same room together? Because if we can’t, then we’re not — it’s not the show that it once was.”