What really went down? Vanderpump Rules stars James Kennedy and Lala Kent admitted to cheating on their past significant others — Raquel Leviss and Randall Emmett, respectively — in order to hook up with each other, during the Bravo show’s 10th season premiere on February 8.

“James and I, when we were both very new in our relationships, definitely hooked up,” the Give Them Lala Beauty founder, 32, told costar Katie Maloney about a 2016 trip to Chicago. James, 31, for his part, was present for the conversation begging his longtime friend to not share the story.

“You’re making me nervous,” he said. “My heart is beating. Like, please don’t. Please don’t.”

While they’ve hooked up in the past, did James and Lala ever actually date? Keep reading for all the details. 

Did James Kennedy and Lala Kent Ever Date?

While they’ve admitted to a few hookups, it’s unclear how serious James and Lala’s relationship ever was. Other than the 2016 hookup, the pair revealed that they had slept together after the Give Them Lala author joined the show during VPR season 4.

“I don’t regret sleeping with James,” Lala told Bravo in March 2019, reflecting on the night of Katie and ex-husband Tom Schwartz‘s engagement party in 2016. “That was the night that I pushed Kristen [Doute] down to the ground.”

Did 'VPR' Stars James Kennedy and Lala Kent Ever Date? They Admitted to Cheating With Each Other
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Following their multiple 2016 hookups, James was in a long-term romance, and even engaged to Raquel until they announced their split in December 2021. Lala, for her part, was with Randall — with whom she shares daughter Ocean — until October 2021.

What Have James and Lala Said About Their Hookups?

Nether James nor Lala have any regrets about airing their past relations on VPR.

“This season, going into it, I just felt like I was sitting in a pile of s–t. And I just wanted all of my skeletons out I wanted to start making amends to people who I’ve affected,” Lala told Page Six ahead of season 10, noting that Raquel “was upset” about the admission.

“I felt in the moment that I was doing something that I needed to do for both of us because we were in a great place, and I wanted to move forward with her,” Lala added. “I just couldn’t move forward with her knowing that I had been someone who I’m not proud of.”

While James’ current girlfriend, Ally Lewber, was “mad” at her boyfriend for the cheating revelation, they’ve moved past it.

“I think I felt for Raquel a lot in that moment — just knowing [they] were about to get married, and she was never gonna know this,” she shared with Page Six. “That’s never fun to find out about a partner.”

James chimed in adding that he wasn’t “mad at Lala” after she revealed the secret, noting that the past infidelity is not “the man that [he] is today.”