Are Yellowstone fans gearing up to say goodbye to a fan favorite? Rumors have been swirling about the possibility that Rip Wheeler will die during the show’s fifth season, set to premiere on November 13. However, actor Cole Hauser has heard the pleas and is weighing in on fan speculation.

Keep reading for more details on Rip Wheeler’s fate. 

Why Do Fans Think Rip Wheeler Will Die on ‘Yellowstone’?

After the official Yellowstone Instagram account shared a rather cryptic video featuring Rip and Beth (Kelly Reilly), fans started to wonder if that meant he was going to die in the show’s forthcoming season.

“Celebrating Rip Wheeler today and always,” the September caption read, celebrating Rip’s birthday. “PS: Get ready, #YellowstoneTV fans. Something big is coming.”

Instagram users were quick to slam the post, wondering if that meant the show would “take Rip away from Beth!” One person commented, “‘Something big is coming’ hmm, spoiler. Way to ruin it, he’s probably gonna die.”

Will Rip Wheeler Die During 'Yellowstone' Season 5? Cole Hauser Weighs In on Rumors
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Does Rip Wheeler Die on ‘Yellowstone’?

According to the man who brought the character to life, Rip might just be safe … for the time being.

“My mom’s told me a couple of them and I said, ‘Mom, I do the killing. Don’t worry about it,'” Cole shared on Today in November, responding to fan theories. “I think we’re OK. For now.”

Well, there you have it! The Olympus Has Fallen also gushed over playing the role, which he loves.

“There’s a darkness to him that I love,” Cole explained. “But there’s also, kind of, this real passion and love that he has for Beth and I thought that’s a really good juxtaposition as an actor to be able to play that.”

What Did Cole Hauser Say About ‘Yellowstone’ Season 5?

The actor teased how the love story between Rip and Beth will evolve as the show continues.

“[Fans will see] more of Beth and I married, obviously,” Cole told Us Weekly ahead of the season 5 premiere. “Some pretty amazing stuff, cowboy wise. … The actors and I got to do a lot of stuff that we’ve never been able to do before. I think we’ve earned the trust of [creator] Taylor [Sheridan] and he’s allowed us to go and really cowboy for the first time. So that’s been really cool. And then I think Rip being kind of thrusted into being the foreman without John [Kevin Costner] around is a new experience for the character as well.”