Yikes! Yellowstone fans are not happy with one of the show’s teasers. Ahead of the Paramount Network show’s season 5 premiere, set to air on Sunday, November 13, the Instagram account shared a clip of characters Beth (Kelly Reilly) and Rip (Cole Hauser).

“Celebrating Rip Wheeler today and always,” the caption read, celebrating the character’s birthday. “PS: Get ready, #YellowstoneTV fans. Something big is coming.”

Fans took to the comments section and shared their distaste with the caption, speculating that there might be trouble for the couple in the upcoming Yellowstone episodes.

“Idc what happens in this next season just DO NOT take Rip away from Beth!” one person wrote. Another added, “‘Something big is coming’ hmm, spoiler. Way to ruin it, he’s probably gonna die.”

A third person said that without Beth or Rip, they would see “no point in watching” the show. Another social media user added, “If he dies all Rip fans will riot.”

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Cole, for his part, teased what’s to come for his character during an Inside Yellowstone social media video. But only time will tell what the show holds.

“It sets it up for a very interesting year with Beth and I,” the actor, 47, shared in the Twitter video. Kelly, 45, added, “It’s gonna be bloody.”

Season 5 is set to kick off with John Dutton (Kevin Costner) as governor of Montana. Not to mention, Rip and Beth are officially married going into the next batch of episodes.

“The first thing it changes is that he’s moved into the main house, which is somewhere he’s never really been that comfortable,” Cole told Entertainment Weekly in September of the new dynamic. “It’s a weird thing to think that John Dutton is actually related to him now through marriage.”

The actor went on to say that creator Taylor Sheridan wrote many “slow burns” between Rip and Beth this time around.

“In the beginning, there’s some wonderful moments between the two of us, some stuff that she’s going through in her past, that she’s having to acknowledge for the first time, and me trying to help her through that,” he explained.

While there’s no end in sight for the fan-favorite show just yet, creator Taylor doesn’t expect Yellowstone to last forever.

“It will go as many years as it takes for me to tell the story, but you’re not going to see nine seasons of it,” the Sons of Anarchy alum teased to The New York Times in December 2021.