Everyone loses weight differently. After Jessica Weber dropped an impressive 190 pounds, she was left with a lot of excess skin — but that did not stop the 24-year-old from sharing her inspiring weight loss journey on social media.

Instead, she took it as an opportunity to educate her over 50,000 Instagram followers on all aspects of extreme weight loss. “I decided to share my journey with social media so I can inspire people, so people who were my size or even heavier and lighter can see that it can be done,” she told LIfe & Style exclusively. “The way I look at it is if someone is truly happy in their life and their own skin they wouldn’t have time to put me down about mine! It’s an insecure thing on their part and I just choose to rise above. It’s their issue if they don’t like me, not mine!” Watch the video below to see her inspiring posts!

Jessica decided to transform her body after an eye-opening experience at the doctor’s office. At the time, the Illinois native was at her heaviest weight, 383 pounds, and her mom opened up about her fears for her daughter. “She started crying and told me she was scared I was gonna die before her,” Jessica explained. “That was my inspiration and my motivation!”

Since then, Jessica has dropped the pounds the natural way, by following a low carb, high protein diet and exercising — and her followers are loving her healthier lifestyle. “You, goooooo!!!! So proud of you. You’re such an inspiration,” one commenter wrote before another added, “Loose skin or not, you must be vastly healthier now. Good job.”

Her next step is skin removal surgery, for which she is currently in the process of looking for a surgeon. “I want my followers to know that at any size they can love themselves,” she added. “They can also choose to lose the weight and love themselves through the entire process not when they hit a certain weight or size. Loving themselves doesn’t mean they can’t change. I support losing weight if it’s gonna make the person healthier in the end!”