This is so inspiring! Just 23 years old when her My 600-lb Life episode aired in February 2015, Amber Rachdi weighed 657 pounds and admitted she felt like a “nasty, yucky monster.” Her anxiety caused her to overeat and she needed assistance with even the most basic tasks.

At the time, she could only stand on her legs for 30 minutes, which is why she decided to seek treatment. On the show, fans watched her lose 20 pounds in order to become a candidate for gastric bypass surgery.

amber my 600 lb life before

Amber’s family moved to Houston so she could be closer to her doctor.

When Amber was just five years old, she weighed nearly 160 pounds. She openly admitted to having an eating disorder, but unlike anorexia, she couldn’t stop consuming food. Despite her family’s enabling, the Portland, OR, native has emerged from the experience stronger than ever.

Since her surgery, the now-blonde beauty has broken up with her boyfriend, Rowdy — who was featured on the show — and is seeing a therapist to help deal with her anxiety and anger. She’s able to drive again, lives independently, and enjoys speaking to people about her journey. Oh, and she’s also lost more than 400 pounds! In May, Amber showed off her curves in an embroidered dress on Instagram, writing, “From the other day before my little brother’s wedding!”

With a new approach to food (in addition to the surgery), she was able to shed the weight — and keep it off. The reality star is active on social media, with more than 25,000 followers on Facebook. During a recent Q&A, she opened up to fans about how she deals with haters watching her eat.

She said, “Eat your food obscenely. Lick it like you are doing dirty things to it. Drool a little. Let your eyes roll back in your head. They’ll either look away embarrassed or bust up laughing. Screw them.” You go, girl!

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