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Melissa From ‘My 600-Lb Life’ Is Now Inspiring Others by Sharing Her Meal Plans and Weight-Loss Tips

Whoa — My 600-lb Life star Melissa Morris looks amazing! Once weighing over 600 pounds, she later shocked viewers by losing over 500 pounds following gastric bypass surgery. But, her weight loss journey didn’t end with her episode on the reality show. she still fights for her health on a daily basis, and now she’s trying to help her fans do the same!



“Food is fuel, not therapy” said an image posted by Mel recently. Many of her posts encourage followers to think about what’s going in their bodies. She also includes her own daily meals to inspire others and hold herself accountable. For example, one day she ate, a banana, Cold brew, two shots of espresso, and Premier protein for breakfast,  teriyaki chicken and 2oz fried rice for lunch, and baked chicken thighs, corn, and mashed potatoes for dinner.

Six months after her big weight-loss debut in April 2017, Melissa was still feeling better and better every day, constantly motivated by how much she used to weigh. “Most embarrassing thing in my life… It was caught on television for the world to see it will forever remind me where I have been,” wrote Melissa on Sept. 24 2017 on an Instagram photo from the show. She’s never going back!



She has built more healthy habits to stay in shape and keep up with her kids. “I work out late at night because it makes me feel good. As for my diet, I always ask myself before eating whether I am truly hungry,” she explained. “I question this to ensure I’m not just eating because I’m feeling sad, happy, mad, bored, or stressed. This one tactic has been so helpful in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Plus, I always have new goals. They help keep me on track and remind me that there is always something more out there waiting for me.”


melissa morris before/after


Melissa before and after. (Photo Credit: R/R)

She became more active again on social media over Christmas 2017, perhaps gearing up for an amazing and healthy new year! “Struggling but still working on me” she said in a positive new selfie. Fans gave her all of the encouragement she needed, writing, “you can do this!”



Melissa is open with fans regarding her health by posting to her Instagram account and detailing her health and fitness goals on her personal blog, Melissa She Is Me and I Am Her. She stays humble in her accomplishments, crediting her supportive doctors and family for helping her to stay on track, and reminds her fans that it takes a lot of hard work in order to obtain long-term results.

“Remember weight gain doesn’t happen overnight, and neither do long-term changes,” she wrote. “Concentrate on making one change at a time, and reward yourself for your progress and before you know it you will be going where you want to be!”

We’re so proud of you, Melissa! Click through the gallery below to see her impressive weight loss transformation!

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