No, we’re not blushing … you’re blushing! Halsey took to Instagram on Monday, April 20, to share a steamy new video that definitely caught the attention of her ex-boyfriend Yungblud

“Tryna create a vibe every day at home,” the “929” singer, 25, captioned a video of herself dancing to Kehlani’s “Toxic” in a bra and booty shorts. In response, Yungblud, whose real name is Dominic Harrison, commented a series of hot face emojis. 

Clearly, the U.K. rocker, 22, was feeling his former flame’s post. Question is, are Halsey and Yungblud actually back together? It sure looks like it! After calling it quits in fall 2019, Halsey suddenly began dating American Horror Story actor Evan Peters. Naturally, fans of the New Jersey native were curious about what happened with Yungblud


“Sometimes people just break up,” Halsey wrote in a since-deleted tweet on October 28. “It doesn’t mean someone cheated or something bad happened or someone f–ked up. Sometimes it just happens because life is constantly changing and adults stay friends and move on.”

Fast forward to March 2020 and the “Without Me” artist deleted all traces of Evan, 33, from her Instagram. Prior to their apparent split, however, Halsey spoke with Apple Music’s Zane Lowe about her past romances with musicians, namely rapper G-Eazy and Yungblud, and why her relationship with Evan worked. 

“I stopped dating musicians … which is for my own benefit,” she expressed. “I want everyone to be the best versions of themselves so much that I sometimes don’t focus on making me the best version of myself.” Hm, perhaps Halsey rethought the whole “no more musicians” thing.

After all, between sharing home-cooked meals and flirting with each other on social media, Halsey and Yungblud are certainly raising some romance suspicions. Considering they look great together — and compliment each other artistically — we hope they’ve reconciled once and for all! 

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