The quarantine crew is alive and well, y’all! Bachelorette contestant Matt James reveals exactly what the day-to-day life in isolation is like with BFF Tyler Cameron and the rest of their social distancing buddies to Life & Style exclusively. It all starts by “being woken up by a random member of the house, urging me to get up for the 11 o’clock workout or finishing up your own workout,” the 28-year-old explains while promoting his workout class with NEOU Fitness for their 12-hour Fit-A-Thon.

“Hearing noise in the kitchen — someone cooking breakfast,” the heartthrob adds about life in Ty’s Jupiter, Florida childhood home. “There’s a lot of moving parts and people in the house so it’s been nice because the day-to-day is different and if you’re bored or annoyed with somebody, then you just rotate through the house and find someone else to kick it with.”

Shirtless Tyler Cameron Stands With Roommate Matt James in a Jacket and Shorts
Courtesy of Tyler Cameron Instagram

Sounds like a pretty sweet setup to us. In fact, the Clare Crawley hopeful dishes that the entire group feels a lot closer than just pals hunkering down together to ride out the coronavirus pandemic.

“It’s just like being with family,” he gushes. “It’s been a lot of fun being here with people that you care about and be in a place where it’s warm and you’re not having to deal with a lot of the things that a lot of people in the country are struggling with. So there’s not a lot to complain about, you know.”

Plus, the real estate buff couldn’t rave enough about his close pal and his generosity when it came to housing his friends throughout the unprecedented crisis. “I mean, he’s opened his house up to everybody. It’s like, he didn’t have to do that — that’s just the type of person he is,” he says. “He’s got eight people staying with him now and we didn’t really have anywhere else to go.”

It seems as though shacking up with the Bachelorette alum has its perks. “Through the whole process, he’s brought us along with his fitness routines and habits,” Matt reveals. “A lot of people in the house are losing weight and establishing healthy habits and things that you would want to establish and work towards if you weren’t in quarantine. So it’s been a lot of positive with a lot of negative stuff going on.”

Reporting by Diana Cooper