Beast mode activated! Former Bachelorette Hannah Brown danced solo in cheetah-print pajamas after leaving Tyler Cameron’s quarantine crew in Florida. The Alabama native drove from her ex’s house, which she had been staying at for more than two weeks, to her hometown of Tuscaloosa to spend time with her family amid the coronavirus pandemic. Needless to say, she’s still winning TikTok all on her own.

“I look like I work for Don Antle. Call me Tiger Queen,” the 25-year-old wrote on April 2 in reference to the hit Netflix show Tiger King. The Bachelor Nation babe could be seen in an all-leopard ensemble with a backwards hat and sunglasses while she danced to an original song from the video app.

Hannah Brown Wears Turtleneck Blue Dress With Hair Pulled Up Into a Bun

The fun didn’t stop there. Hannah also kept the feline vibe going and tried on her old cheerleading uniform from 2007, which she happily divulged “still fits” before shouting “Go, wildcats!”

Tyler’s BFF Matt James revealed on TikTok that the reality babe left the panhandle state to “ride this thing out with [her] family” on April 1. Hannah opened up a bit more on Instagram about how she hadn’t been feeling emotionally like herself as of late. “I’m definitely not at my best right now, but it’s OK. I’ve slept all day, and when I haven’t slept, I’ve eaten,” she explained while wearing her pajamas. “The past three days I’ve kinda boycotted everything, just ate.” However, she was determined to stay busy and talked about learning to cook, climbing a tree and getting a workout in. 

Bachelorette Tyler Cameron Wears a Plaid Shirt and Sits on a Bench With Hannah Brown Laughing
ABC/Mark Bourdillon

Although she’s back home, Hannah and Tyler, 27, have been fueling romance rumors for the past month. The former beauty queen made two trips to the former contestant’s hometown following the sudden death of his mom, Andrea, from a brain aneurysm. However, Hannah’s dad, Robert Brown, exclusively told Life & Style that the pair are just friends, despite them dropping a lot of hints about a possible romance.

“I don’t know if I’d officially say they were back together … They’re just like two kids,” the reality dad confessed. “That’s all it is to it. Nothing more, nothing less. People want to read into whatever they want to read into, and we can’t stop that. But the reality is they’re friends.”

Whether they take their friendship to the next level or not, Hannah will always reign supreme as the queen of TikTok.