Baby on board? Former Bachelorette star JoJo Fletcher and her fiancé, Jordan Rodgers, sparked pregnancy rumors on Instagram after posting a photo that showed the starlet posing next to a sign that said “Mama.” Eagle-eyed fans quickly pointed out the ~coincidence~ and had some questions for the couple.

“I’m such a ham … Clearly, I can’t focus on the job,” Jordan, 30, wrote alongside a picture of the two at what appears to be a flea market, which might also be a sneak peek at something we’ll see on their upcoming CNBC reno show Cash Pad. “Good thing [JoJo] doesn’t mind me hogging the camera, while we bring home the bacon. I guess working with your fiancée every day isn’t so boaring after all.” The clever caption was hilariously full of puns because the former football player can be seen sitting on a giant pink pig. Besides the “Mama” sign, followers also raised their eyebrows when Jordan added “#dadjokesfordays” to the silly post.

Although the reality duo didn’t mention anything about a baby, fans weren’t convinced. “Everything about this post says pregnancy!!! The hashtag — the mama sign … the ‘pink’ … come on guys!!!” one person begged. Someone else commented, “I thought this was gonna be a pregnancy post because it says mama on that sign!” Another user noted, “So JoJo is standing next to a mama sign and Jordan is using #dadjokes hmm.”

Jojo fletcher comment on jordan rodgers insta pregnancy birth announcement
Courtesy of Jordan Rodgers Instagram

JoJo, 28, did comment on the post, but was more appreciative of her man’s social media skills. “I mean … I’m actually so impressed by this caption,” she wrote. It’s probably safe to assume that the couple didn’t notice the sign (or were just trolling us) and they are not currently expecting. However, they have opened up about wanting kids someday.

During an episode of their former web show, Engaged With Jordan and JoJo, the California stud noted that he’s “terrified” about having kids, but the duo is getting giddy about the possibility of starting a family. “I don’t need to go have a baby [now], but I can not wait for the day that it just happens. I have to say, that has made me more excited to have kids,” JoJo gushed about hanging out with their nephews.

The couple got engaged two and a half years ago during the finale of season 12 and are still going strong. One thing is for sure: We definitely wouldn’t mind more Bachelor Nation babies!