Saying goodbye to another Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star. Kathy Hilton confirmed that, after two seasons on the Bravo show, she would not be returning to the reality series.

“No, I’m doing Paris in Love,” the socialite told E! News in June 2023, announcing her departure from RHOBH in favor of daughter Paris Hilton‘s reality show. “But I know it’s going to be great. It’s always interesting and fun and lots of drama.”

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Is Kathy Hilton Leaving the ‘Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’?

Yes, the former Bravo star confirmed in February 2023 that she would not be returning to the show.

Kathy took on the role as “friend of” the Housewives throughout seasons 11 and 12, appearing at the cast’s group events and going on trips with the rest of the show’s stars.

Is Kathy Hilton Leaving 'RHOBH'? Confirms Show Departure: Statement
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Are Kathy Hilton and Kyle Richards Feuding?

While Kathy did not offer an explanation about her sudden departure from RHOBH, some fans have speculated that it has to do with her longtime feud with sister Kyle Richards. The siblings have had a rocky relationship in the public eye with things coming to a head during the RHOBH season 12, which aired throughout 2022.

After Kyle and Kathy found themselves in a fight during the cast’s trip to Aspen, former RHOBH costar Lisa Rinna shared details of a “private” conversation between herself and Kathy.

“I just wanted somebody to say to me, ‘Look, you two love each other. Everything will be fine. You’re just overtired,” Kathy told Us Weekly in July 2022 about the situation. “I just wanted someone to vent to. And I guess that what I’ve learned is — I love both my sisters. I love them. They’re my blood, and I never should have said anything to anybody.”

When it comes to their relationship following the show, both Kyle and Kathy have shared major updates on where they stand. In May 2022, the siblings reunited at niece Whitney Davis‘ bridal shower.

“We spoke at the shower,” Kyle, for one, told E! News in June 2023. “Things are obviously not great, I think most people know that. But we’re family, we’re blood. We’ll always come back together.”

Kathy, for her part, told the publication that things “went well” when she reunited with Kyle, noting that she’d “like to” eventually reunite as a family.