Another shot at love? Rachel Recchia might just be headed to Bachelor in Paradise for the show’s eighth season. Keep reading for everything we know. 

Is Rachel Recchia on ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ Season 8?

According to the show’s bombshell trailer, she just might be. During the Bachelorette live finale on September 20, ABC released a full-length trailer for the upcoming season of BiP, and at one point Rachel could be seen sitting with the rest of the women.

“He’s so great, he really is,” she could be heard saying, although it’s unclear who she was speaking about. “I’m gunna cry because I’m so happy.”

Is Rachel Recchia Looking for Love on ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ Season 8?

In the past, some former leads have headed to the beach to hand out a date card or offer advice to the contestants. It’s unclear why Rachel decided to take a trip down to Mexico.

“She’s a guest,” the Bachelor Nation Instagram account @thebitchelorette claimed via Instagram Stories after the trailer premiered. “They like to bring in former leads to stir things up or give insight on one of their exes.”

Headed to the Beach? Why Fans Think Former Bachelorette Rachel Recchia Is on 'Bachelor in Paradise'
ABC/Craig Sjodin

Is Rachel Recchia Single?

At the end of her Bachelorette season, Rachel called off her engagement to . While they seemed to be happy ahead of the live finale, things went wrong in the months following their proposal.

“I messed up, and I kissed another girl,” Tino told Rachel during one of their get togethers after the show ended, which was filmed. “The second I did, I knew I belonged with you, and this was the tiniest thing ever, so I just tried to … get past it.”

After an emotional back and forth, Rachel ultimately gave her ring back to Tino. They met face-to-face during the September 20 live finale where Tino apologized for his transgressions.

“You were amazing, and you didn’t deserve what I did,” he said, noting that his “mistake was not [her] fault.”

Things took a turn after their conversation when Rachel’s runner-up, walked on stage and asked the lead to hang out.

“You don’t really deserve any of this, anything that happened between any of us,” he shared. “I was just wondering if you wanted to maybe get out of here and just catch up?” 

She obliged, saying, “I would love nothing more.” However it’s unclear exactly where their relationship stands now.

“I am forever thankful for you. Your ability to make me feel so special through everything. Your true grace and beauty from the beginning,” Aven captioned an Instagram post shared on September 14. “Your willingness to open your heart up to me and give me a chance. Words cannot express how much you have meant to me.”