Grieving together … apart. Jeffree Stars ex-boyfriend Nathan Schwandt shared an emotional post on the anniversary of their late dog’s death.

“One year ago today, I was saying I love you to you for the last time … forever miss you, Daddy. Rest in peace, my little man,” the Michigan native, 27, captioned his Sunday, October 4, Instagram Story, along with sharing several sentimental photos. 

For Jeffree’s part, he too posted a heartwarming message on his Instagram Story. “It’s been exactly one year since we lost our son Daddy. Miss you every day, dude,” the longtime YouTuber, 34, wrote. Clearly, despite the pair’s breakup in late 2019, Jeffree and Nate are willing to put their differences aside for the sake of Daddy’s memory.

Jeffree Star's Ex Nathan Schwandt Shares Emotional Post About the Pair's Late Dog: 'Forever Miss You'
Courtesy of Nathan Schwandt/Instagram

Ultimately, the couple, who split after five years of dating, seemingly ended their relationship on good terms. “There’s no easy way to say this but we did break up,” Jeffree confessed in a January 2020 YouTube video, noting that he and Nate called it quits “weeks” earlier.

“Me and Nathan will be friends forever, I will always have love for him,” he continued. “Are we in love with each other? No. But we love each other and he will always be in my life.” Jeffree went on to explain that the former flames were initially “in a state of shock” after they decided to end things.

“I’m devastated, I’m so sad,” he added. “And the love of my life is no longer … I don’t wake up to him anymore. He’s no longer here every morning and my routines have changed and I’m just in a state of shock right now. We both are.”

Since then, Jeffree and Nate unfollowed each other on Instagram. Moreover, their posts about Daddy appear to be the first time they’ve publicly acknowledged each other and their former relationship in months. As for their current love lives?

Based on social media, Nate is still single. Jeffree, on the other hand, is going through some major drama with Andre Marhold. After sparking romance rumors in late August, Jeffree (basically) confirmed their split less than a month later.

Although he didn’t mention the professional basketball player by name, he gave enough context for fans to fill in the blanks. “So, I’ve been hanging out with someone. Just two grown adults having sex and chilling, nothing serious, but I was presented a whole different person than who this man really was,” the Los Angeles native detailed on September 30, and admitted he felt a “little played.”

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