Not-so friendly exes? Jeffree Star seemingly confirmed he split from boyfriend Andre Marhold in a new video he shared on Instagram Stories. 

“Listen. I’m sure a lot of y’all can relate, but sometimes when you meet people … SURPRISE. They’re not who they say they are,” the makeup guru, 34, began on Wednesday, September 30, addressing rumors he was “robbed.” 

Jeffree said there’s a lot more to the story, claiming he got a “little played” by the man in his life, although he didn’t call out the basketball player, 30, by name.

Jeffree Star and boyfriend Andre Marhold
Courtesy of Jeffree Star/Instagram

“So, I’ve been hanging out with someone. Just two grown adults having sex and chilling, nothing serious, but I was presented a whole different person than who this man really was,” the YouTuber alleged, pointing out his fans have probably dealt with their own share of “shady” people in their romantic and personal lives. 

“About a week ago, Jeffree discovered a lot of things. This person secretly [had] no job, no money, not even a bank account,” the influencer claimed. Jeffree said he refused to be “lied” to, so he figured it would be best to call it quits

“Then, all of the sudden there is some Louis Vuitton luggage missing, there’s some backpacks missing and there’s a few sunglasses missing,” he alleged. 

Jeffree said “someone just stole a few things” that he could easily repurchase, however it was the “principle” of the situation that bothered him. “I don’t care if someone steals a nickel off your counter, it’s wrong,” the entrepreneur added.

Courtesy of @jeffreestar/Instagram

After all of the drama that allegedly went down between them, the Jeffree Star Cosmetics CEO said he doesn’t want to be around “weird energy” going forward, adding, “It’s just two adults that went their separate ways, but bitch can I have my s–t back?” Andre has yet to speak out about the accusations. 

Jeffree first went public with the overseas baller on August 22, eight months after his split from longtime boyfriend Nathan Schwandt

In early September, Jeffree and Andre appeared to be enjoying each other’s company, even going on date nights during their Wyoming getaway. The glam icon later clarified the nature of their relationship, saying, “I am genuinely having a good time. No, I am not in a serious relationship. No, I am not in love.”

After Jeffree’s video, it looks like that chapter is over.