Letting go. Andre Marhold’s ex-girlfriend Leezy says she’s “going to move on” amid the basketball player’s new romance with Jeffree Star. “I would really [like to] focus on my career as a model and actress,” the 34-year-old exclusively tells Life & Style. “I really care about my goals.”

In addition to Leezy’s professional pursuits, she and Andre share a child named Amari. “All I’m doing is for my son,” adds the Atlanta native. While Leezy is “still hurt and confused” over Andre’s seemingly out of the blue relationship with Jeffree, 34, she insists her former flame is “a good father” to Amari. “He cares about his son.”

On August 23, Jeffree shared a photo of himself straddling a mystery man with distinctive tattoos. Within less than a day, the internet discovered it was Andre. “I was completely devastated,” Leezy recalls. “I was crying a lot.”

Leezy, Andre Marhold, Jeffree Star
Courtesy of Leezy/Instagram; Jeffree Star/Instagram

Leezy claims Andre told her he was going to Los Angeles “for work” and would be returning in 10 days. During that time, her loved ones notified her about the popular YouTuber’s intimate post with her ex. “It’s just … it’s just humiliating for me because my family called me, my friend from France called me. Everybody was blowing up my phone, so I couldn’t [go on] my phone.”

On the same day, Leezy decided to temporarily disable her Instagram account to avoid any further drama but has since returned to social media. “Now, I got more support, you know? Positive messages from women,” she explains. “People say to me, you know, ‘I’m sorry, you’re going through this.’ They support me, so it helps.”

Leezy reveals she’s received “a lot of DMs” from people in similar situations. “I really wanted to speak up about it,” the fitness trainer expresses. “No woman deserves to be treated like this, honestly. And me being a mother — raising my son like that — you know, every mother deserves to be respected … regardless.”

After finding out about Jeffree and Andre, Leezy attempted to contact him. “From [that] day until now, [we’ve] had, like, no communication,” she notes.

Reporting by Diana Cooper

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