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Jennifer Lopez’s Hottest Onscreen Romances: the Movie Hunks With Whom She’s Shared Wild Chemistry

For a time in the late ’90s through the mid-aughts, Jennifer Lopez was the queen of romantic comedies. She always fell for the perfect guy, who usually belonged to someone else or was in a situation where it seemed hopeless that they would end up together. But J. Lo always got her happy endings in the movies, and her male costars were some of Hollywood’s hottest men!

One of Jennifer’s most dreamy costars was when she starred opposite Matthew McConaughey in 2001’s The Wedding Planner. The film showed they both can play light and cute romantic roles, and their chemistry was perfection. It also helped that the movie was one big tease of the two longing for each other, until they were finally able to pursue a romance at the end.

J. Lo’s wedding planner character, Mary, met Matthew’s pediatrician, Steve, when he rescued her from a runaway dumpster after she got a heel caught in a manhole. The two had dreamy eyes for each other, a love of classic movies and a sweet, old-fashioned way of almost dating … until Mary discovered he was the fiancé of one of her highest profile bride clients.

That caused plenty of interactions for Mary and Steve as his wedding drew closer, while the pair tried their best to fight their growing feelings for each other. Eventually, he and his bride realized they weren’t meant to be, and Steve knew Mary was the one. But he had to catch her before she entered into a marriage arranged by her dad with a young man from his hometown in Italy (in a truly awful and borderline chauvinistic side plot). Jen and Matthew were both so fresh and youthful in this 2001 rom com, and she showed such a sweet vulnerability.

Jennifer’s pairing with then-heartthrob Ralph Fiennes in 2002’s Maid and Manhattan was a pleasant surprise. In a case of mistaken identity, his ambitious politician Christopher Marshall thought Jennifer’s hotel housekeeper, Marisa, was a socialite, after catching her trying on a guest’s designer pantsuit. She played along, and the two began falling for each other. By the time her true identity was revealed, it didn’t matter to Chris that Marisa was a hotel maid (though she was aspiring to get a promotion into management). The two made a great team in love and in supporting each other’s dreams and sizzled on screen!

J. Lo had plenty of other sexy movie loves, including a young George Clooney in Out of Sight, which gave the pair some of the best acting reviews of their careers … as well as the hottest eye-to-eye gazes over candlelight ever witnessed on screen!

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