As much as we’d love for Taylor Swift and her rumored fiancé, Joe Alwyn, to publically gush about their relationship… it doesn’t seem like that’s ever going to happen! Speaking with Esquire, the handsome actor revealed why the pair continues to keep their romance so private.

When asked if he’s ever sought counsel on how to navigate dating someone as world-famous as Taylor, he replied: “I didn’t seek out advice on that. Because I know what I feel about it. I think there’s a very clear line as to what somebody should share, or feel like they have to share, and what they don’t want to and shouldn’t have to.”

Taylor Swift, Joe Alwyn
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We agree on all accounts! In fact, given how highly publicized all of the singer’s relationships have been in the past, keeping things low key with Joe only seems natural. 

Speaking of keeping things low key, Life & Style recently learned that Joe and Taylor did not attend the premiere or after-party of his new movie, Mary Queen of Scots, together. Don’t fret, though. A source revealed that the 27-year-old was a perfect gentleman the entire evening. Phew! 

We’re told that Joe arrived at the party alone, save for his publicist. He then sat a VIP table alongside his co-stars Saoirse Ronan, who plays Mary, Queen of Scots in the film, and Jack Lowden. “He mainly talked to this married man who was seated next to him and Jack,” the source said. “He nursed a reddish colored alcoholic drink — only one.” Sounds like a real catch, if you ask us. 

Joe Alwyn, Mary Queen of Scots Afterparty
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“I didn’t see him on his phone texting all night. He was very engaged in conversation with his cast and seemed very serious,” the source continued. “Joe was stroking his beard and hair. He did not move from his table the whole night and was very well-behaved.”

The source also noted that the actor had zero interest in any of the women at the party. “Joe did not flirt with any girls, and was very professional and clearly there just for his work. He didn’t even check anyone out while they walked by.” We stan a loyal man who values privacy! Here’s hoping that Taylor and Joe go the distance.