Woops! Former Bachelor star Becca Tilley has been there for her BFF JoJo Fletcher through it all, but the brunette beauty still hasn’t asked Becca to be a bridesmaid in her upcoming wedding to Jordan Rodgers. “She said it was assumed,” the 28-year-old told Life & Style exclusively while laughing at the McDelivery Night In event with McDonald’s and Uber Eats on Tuesday, September 17. “I was just talking to her about this today. I know, like, I should be so on all this stuff, like thinking about all these creative ways to do it, but someone asked me the other day, ‘How are you going to ask?’ I don’t know, like text her? I have got to do a little bit more than that, huh? So, I haven’t figured it out yet.”

The blonde bombshell, 30, is expecting something “elaborate,” but is ultimately looking forward to her bestie walking down the aisle. “I am so excited,” she raved. “So, she came out [to California], and she texted me, ‘Are you available this day? I am going wedding dress shopping.’ I just got so excited because I have been waiting for this moment of, like, progress toward — [JoJo and Jordan] are so great together.”

Becca Tilley JoJo Fletcher
Dave Kotinsky/Getty Images for McDonald’s

The “Scrubbing In With Becca Tilley and Tanya Rad” host couldn’t help but gush over JoJo’s relationship with the 31-year-old former athlete. “I feel like watching them on their show, Cash Pad, like really showed how solid they are, and it was one of those moments of like, and then they got the house,” she said. “I was like ‘Oh, a wedding is coming.’ That is a big move, and so, I am just so happy for her, and it was so fun getting to go wedding dress shopping and be a part of that.”

After Becca and JoJo met at the Bachelor mansion — they bonded over McDonald’s, naturally — during Ben Higgins’ season of The Bachelor in 2016, their friendship has been solid ever since. “I just think it’s really special,” the California native said about their connection. “You obviously go through an experience where it’s like only natural to bond and be friends with people because you’re with them 24/7, but I knew when I met JoJo, she was going to be in my life for a long time. At the time, we were dating the same guy!”

Becca Tilley With JoJo Fletcher
Courtesy of Becca Tilley/Instagram

The Cash Pad starlet couldn’t agree more with Becca’s thoughts. “It’s awesome,” she gushed about her pal. “I think it’s just a testament to our friendship and our relationship, and it’s like, man, so much has happened in the last four years, and we are in totally different phases of our lives. It’s just really cool. Look what that show did for us! We both got dumped, but look at us now!”

Clearly, these two are #FriendshipGoals.