We stan a queen who keeps it real! Bachelor Nation favorite Becca Tilley divulged the truth behind her smoking hot bikini pics and (spoiler) it’s all about ~angles~ and the right photographer. The reality starlet admitted that she chooses to “embrace” her body instead of being unhappy while trying to change it.

“I always have high hopes that I can do healthy, super clean eating for a few days, but it never happens,” the 30-year-old told Us Weekly during the Becca Tilley x L*SPACE Launch Event when asked about how she prepares for a swimsuit shoot. “It’s mostly just talking to the photographer and being like, ‘Help me out! Find the best lighting, the best angle … Let’s do the edit however we need to.’ That’s it, to be honest.”

The Bachelor alum did add that she loves going to spin class but is working towards going to pilates and barre classes more often. When it comes to intermittent fasting or going Keto, it’s a hard pass from the brunette beauty. “No! I try for like 4 hours, literally by noon I’m like, ‘This is dumb. I’m going to embrace my body.’ I’m all like girl power all of a sudden. But yeah, I’ve tried those things,” she confessed.

As much as we would love to see the podcast host back on our television screens, it sounds like her chance of being the lead on The Bachelorette is pretty slim. “Never say never, but as of now, probably not,’ she quipped.

However, things are going just fine in the YouTuber’s life. “I’m very happy right now!” she gushed. “I feel like the whole dating thing is the reason that people were interested in my life originally, so you know, I kind of have taken a step back with sharing everything about my dating life just because I feel like my last relationship was very public, but I’m happy!” 

If you’re happy, Becca, we’re happy!

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