It’s hard not to love Peter Weber, a.k.a. Pilot Peter, from Hannah Brown’s season of The Bachelorette. Historically, The Bachelor doesn’t premiere until January, but Bachelor Nation is curious as to who will be named the next leading man. Of course, many fans are rooting for Peter since he quickly became a frontrunner on the reality show. What are the chances he will grace our television screens in January? Pretty likely, according to spoilers.

“When the Bachelor announcement is officially made (guessing next week or the following), it will be Peter Weber,” Reality Steve leaked on Twitter on August 25. “Not too surprising. That’s who I’ve said I thought it would be for the last month. This isn’t isn’t a guess, a prediction, or ‘most likely.’ It’s him.”

Reality Steve says Peter is Bachelor Spoiler Tweet
Courtesy of Reality Steve Twitter

The handsome hunk made quite the entrance when he first stepped out of the limo on night one wearing his pilot outfit. The 27-year-old is from Westlake Village, California, and he clearly knows how to make a woman feel special. “He once took a girl on a sunset flight to Santa Barbara for dinner,” read one of his fun facts on his ABC biography. Throughout the season, Peter was frequently spotted making out with Hannah, and he even confessed that he was in love with the 24-year-old former beauty queen.

Peter Weber Wearing a Black Tux With Hannah Brown in a Pink Dress
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Peter was eliminated after fantasy suites during a heartwrenching rose ceremony, which makes him a perfect contender for the coveted spot. Additionally, Peter is super sweet, has an amazing family and seems to be an all-around great guy.

Of course, fans have been rallying for the stud to be the next leading man. One person wrote, “I SWEAR if Hannah doesn’t choose Peter, he HAS TO be the next Bachelor. My man Peter is SPECIAL.” Another echoed, “I’m praying Hannah chooses Peter, but if she’s crazy and doesn’t … he should be the next Bachelor.” A third chimed in, writing, “Peter telling Hannah he loves her was the sweetest, cutest, most wonderful thing to watch. Please ABC, make him the Bachelor, PLEASE.”

However, there are some other men in the mix for next season’s lead including Mike Johnson and Tyler Cameron. “There’s a lot of good contenders, and I think we kind of have an embarrassment of riches … I think it’s gonna be all of us in a room screaming for our favorite, fighting for our version of TV that we want to make,” Chris Harrison told Entertainment Tonight earlier this month.

Tyler seemingly took himself out of the running when he publicly started dating model Gigi Hadid. The pair have been spotted all over NYC during the month of August and appear to be going strong. The reality show host dished to Entertainment Tonight on August 5, “He’s probably enjoying life really, really well — but that’s not someone we’re going to want to have as our Bachelor or Bachelorette.”

As for Mike, he was definitely a top choice. “How could he not be a contender with that smile? He’s one of my favorite people we’ve ever had on the show … I consider him a really good friend.” Chris admitted to People on July 18. “He’s just a sweet guy … He gives the best hugs, the best smiles and the best advice. He’s just a really good man and yeah, of course he’s a contender.” The stud is currently on season 6 of Bachelor in Paradise, so we’ll keep our fingers crossed that he finds love in Mexico.

Bachelorette Hannah Brown and Peter Hometown

There did seem to be one obstacle that could have prevented Peter from finding love on TV: his ex-girlfriend Calee Lutes claimed that he ended their relationship to go on the show. But the show host seems like he is giving Peter the benefit of the doubt. “Peter is going to have a little explaining to do,” he told the outlet. “I know more about Peter, just because I did some digging. Because some allegations were made in her claims that had to do with us and casting, so I was just curious, so I asked around. In that regard, I’m less worried and less intrigued about Peter’s situation because I know some truths that either I’ll explain or Peter will explain.”

The reality hunk cleared up any confusion after the season wrapped and gave his version of what went down. “There was a lot of truth to what she said in her story, but there is also a lot of truth that wasn’t mentioned,” Peter told People in an interview published on July 30. “The show had absolutely nothing to do with me ending that relationship.”

ABC will most likely make the official announcement in the next few weeks and we can’t wait!