Round two? Luke P. was considered the most controversial Bachelorette contestant of Hannah Brown‘s season, but will he try his luck at love again on Bachelor in Paradise? Caution: Spoilers about season 6 revealed in this article. Do not keep reading if you don’t want to know! Fans will most likely not see Luke on the spinoff reality show … at least not this season. The contestant has not been named on the cast list and nothing has been dropped about him in any spoiler channels.

That’s not to say that the Georgia native couldn’t surprise fans by arriving way later during the show. More contestants get brought on every week until it gets insanely close to the finale from ~drama~ purposes. Although it’s common for most people to be coupled up toward the end, there’s always hope for a last-minute shakeup. Although Luke has been deemed the ~villain~ of this season, there are still many people vying for him to show up in Mexico.

Luke P Hannah Brown the Bachelorette
John Fleenor/Walt Disney Television / Getty Images

“Luke P. needs a redemption arc on Bachelor in Paradise,” one viewer wrote on Twitter. Other people love the idea of Demi Burnett, a former contestant from Colton Underwood‘s season, confronting Luke’s problematic behavior on the beach. “I hope Luke P. goes to Bachelor in Paradise and Demi rips him to shreds,” someone wrote. Another person echoed, “Stoked for the Luke P. and Demi showdown!” A separate user added, “Luke P is going to be an inevitable DISASTER on [Bachelor in Paradise] and I am here for it.”

Some people are done with “the Luke P. show,” which we’ve been watching the past nine weeks. “Take note, [Chris Harrison], we don’t wanna see Luke P. on [Bachelor in Paradise],” someone begged. Another tweet read, “Please do not have the man child Luke P. on the show!!! We love Bachelor in Paradise!!”

Considering Luke’s strong stance on premarital sex and his rocky relationship with Hannah and the other contestants, it seems unlikely that he would dive back into a dating show.

However, when it comes to Bachelor Nation, never say never.